Disc 1 of Toho SFX Champion Festival
International Title
 All Monsters Attack / Konto 55: Grand Outer Space Adventure

Music By: Various
Record Label: VAP

Running Time: 69:22 Discs: 1
Release: September 2001 CD Number: VPCD-81382 (Set)
The intro disc to the set features the paring of Kunio Miyauchi's All Monsters Attack score with that of Kenjiro Hirose's Konto 55: Grand Outer Space Adventure. Either by design or coincidence, the two scores work fairly well side-by-side as both composers utilize a "big band" type of feel to their work. Of the two, Miyauchi's effort tends to be the weaker entry, though, as it gets repetitive by the time its portion of the disc is over. Compared to the Toshiba release of this score, its presentation here is at least chronologically ordered, although it loses out on a Karaoke version of the record single and of the second version of the Monster March. As for Hirose's effort, it's actually a rather fun score that's very reminiscent of his work on the Showa Gamera series. The main title in particular is a pretty interesting track, sounding like something one would expect to find as a lead in theme on a Disney televised cartoon. The next theme, the "Moonlit Duel", is another enjoyable and energetic piece of music. Hirose also gets to show off some range here as well, including soothing and very pleasant cues like the one for "Princess Yokihi". There are also a few interesting stock themes tossed in too, such as the very retro "Go-go UFO" cue that sounds like it comes from a dated record source and is sure to be a guilty pleasure of quite a few. The "Battle Preparation" theme is another, as it's derived from the "Warship March" that can be found in a number of other Toho films such as Battle of the Japan Sea (1969). Of course it's not an outstanding soundtrack all the same, as a few themes do miss their mark; however, since most of the cues are around a minute long or less even the lackluster tracks seem to go by quickly. Either way, the score definitely isn't for everyone though, and is sure to generate a strong divide in admirers and disputants.
- Anthony Romero 
    All Monsters Attack (1969)
    By: Kunio Kiyauchi
  1. Monster March (Movie Version 1/M1 Complete Song Piece)
    By: Lilly Sasaki, Composer: Gendai Kano
  2. Monster March (Movie Version 2/M2-T4 Song Piece)
    By: Lilly Sasaki, Composer: Gendai Kano
  3. The Way Home Alongside the Tracks (M3)
  4. Playing on the Way (M4)
  5. Message from Mother (M5)
  6. "Assignment of Love" (M6)
  7. Ichiro Goes to Monster Island (M7)
  8. Godzilla vs. Kamacuras (M8)
  9. The Monsters of Monster Island (M9)
  10. The Monsters of Monster Island (M10)
  11. The Strange Vine (M14A)
  12. Encounter with Minilla (M11)
  13. Gabara Appears (M12)
  14. Ichiro and the Bully (M13)
  15. Back to Monster Island (M15)
  16. Gabara Attacks (M16)
  17. Reunion with Minilla (M17)
  18. Godzilla vs. Ebirah (M18)
  19. Godzilla vs. Kumonga (M19)
  20. Minilla vs. Gabara 1 (M20)
  21. Minilla's Lesson (M21)
  22. Minilla vs. Gabara 2 (M22)
  23. Minilla's Unusual Strategy (M23)
  24. Godzilla vs. Gabara (M24)
  25. Fights Alone, Lives Alone (M25)
  26. Chase in the Condemned Building (M14)
  27. The Robber Approaches (M26)
  28. Ichiro's Rush (M27)
  29. "I Can't Stand Bullies!" (M28)
  30. Ending (M29)
  31. Monster March (Version 1 Karaoke)
    Composer: Gendai Kano
  32. Monster March (Record Single)
    By: Lilly Sasaki, Composer: Gendai Kano

    Konto 55: Grand Outer Space Adventure (1969)
    By: Kenjiro Hirose
  33. Toho Logo (M1)
  34. Main Title (M1A)
  35. Moonlit Duel (M2)
  36. Mysterious Saucer Appears (M3)
  37. UFO Takes Off (M4)
  38. Grand Outer Space Adventure (M5)
  39. Far Away Voyage from Earth (M6)
  40. Anti-Aging Medicine (M7)
  41. Nomi!? (M8)
  42. Gentle Alien (M9)
  43. Go-go in UFO
  44. Strange Couple (M10)
  45. Space Station (M11)
  46. Base is Attacked (M12)
  47. Bluebeard Emerges (M13)
  48. Above Ground Again (M14)
  49. Princess Yokihi Appears (M15-T2)
  50. Selfish Onono Komachi (M16)
  51. Five Beauties (M17)
  52. Five People Age Away (M18)
  53. Loving to the Bone (M19)
  54. Battle Preparation! ("Warship March" Arrangement/M20)
  55. From Future Earth (M21)
  56. Barado Star Approaches (M21A)
  57. The Barado Star is Blue (M22)
  58. Arrival of the Earthling (M23-T2)
  59. Impolite Person! (M24)
  60. This is the Earthling ("Sakura Sakura" Arrangement/M25-T2)
  61. Gem Juggling (M26-T2)
  62. Dogma is Caught (M27)
  63. Barado Star Dispute (M28)
  64. Western Showdown (M29)
  65. Going to a Boxing Match (M30)
  66. Unused Cue (M31)
  67. The Fighting Instinct Returns (M32)
  68. Nuclear Weapon Launch (M33)
  69. Return to Earth (M34-T2)
  70. Ending (M35)
  71. Trailer Music 1 (Advance Notice M1)
  72. Trailer Music 2 (Advance Notice M2-T2)