Taking You With Me
International Title
 The Gransazers
Music By: Asami Abe
Record Label: Universal Music
Running Time: 13:34 Discs: 1
Release: October 2003 CD Number: UMCK-5104
Anthony Romero
This single, from artist Asami Abe, features the ending song to the 2003 TV series The Gransazers. The cover, though, is devoid of any reference to the 2003 television show, but a sticker was slapped on the wrapping to promote the new program which is possibly due to the fact that this CD was released two days before the show even started airing on October 10th of that year.

As far as singles go, Abe's "Taking You With Me" is a fairly enjoyable release. The ending song to the first entry in the Super Star God series was simply phenomenal, having a great tempo and a nice pop beat to it. Asami has a great singing voice, and really belts it out here while still keeping a soothing tone. This ends up creating a pretty memorable song. Unfortunately, it's a little better suited to a smaller runtime, as it was featured on the show during the credits, but still works well in its full form. For reference, this more complete version was also showcased on the final episode of the program, Day of Resurrection.

Beyond the self titled song, this disc also has the tune "Let's Meet", which is another nice track by Abe. However, it's not nearly as memorable as "Taking You With Me" as the style seems more generic and lacks the softer tone of the title song here. The last track on this release is an "Instrumental" version of "Taking You With Me", although this theme is fairly odd sounding as the background vocal work is still there.

Overall, if you really enjoyed the song heard during the credits for The Gransazers this isn't a bad release to search out if you can find it for the right price. This song was not included on the limited, and very rare, soundtrack released for the program, so diehard collectors will undoubtedly find interest in this single, which is not hard to come by even four years after its initial distribution.

It should be mentioned that this single was released in three different "packages". One of these, which retailed for ¥400 more than the others, was a "limited" release (UMCK-9041) that featured a different cover and came with a DVD. The second of these releases is the "standard" one, which is pictured above and comes with a trading card. The third and final release of the single axed the trading card, but is otherwise the same as the "standard" edition. Another thing worth noting is that these releases come in thin jewel cases, compared to the standard size, and that the covers are positioned vertically instead of horizontally.
Rating: Star Rating
  1. Taking You With Me
    Composer: Tsusumi Kyouhei
  2. Let's Meet
  3. Taking You With Me (Instrumental)
    Composer: Tsusumi Kyouhei