Sweet Home
International Title
 Sweet Home

Music By: Masaya Matsuura
Record Label: Sony Records

Running Time: 46:01 Discs: 1
Release: March 1995 CD Number: SRCL-3165
The soundtrack for the 1989 horror movie Sweet Home is kind of a mixed bag. Composed primarily by Masaya Matsuura and other members of the group "PSY·S", the score for this film has its ups and its downs. The highlight is easily Takao Abe's synthesized "Shadow's Trap", which is a catchy theme and also the only action oriented cue on the disc. The rest of the score is oddly soothing or trying for a more ambient horror touch, which might work well in the context of the film although doesn't make for a very enjoyable standalone experience. The "Home Sweet Home" cue is kind of interesting, though, as it features choirs work from the St. Philips Choir Boys; something that might seem out of place in a horror film, but it's a very enjoyable and relaxing cue to listen to. The lone lyrical vocal track on the disc, "CHILD" by Mami Yasunori, isn't bad although it's not particularly memorable. Yasunori was often known for her "young voice" even in spite of her age, as the singer was 29 years old when this album was first released yet she still sounds like an up and coming teen idol. Overall, this CD has an interesting and sometimes diverse mix of music, although it's not a particularly long soundtrack and one probably won't find themselves listening to this one all that often.

For reference, this is a reissue of an earlier soundtrack (32DH-5188) that Sony released in 1989. The track selection is exactly the same, and if there is any difference in quality between the two I sadly can't say, but both are digital recordings so chances are good its a straight reissue of the disc. For whatever reason, though, this particular CD was recorded at a very low volume level.
- Anthony Romero 
  1. Visions of Love
  2. Picnic in Heaven
  3. Mother Ghost Theme #1
  4. Father
  5. Shadow's Trap
    Composer: Takao Abe
  6. Home Sweet Home (Piano Sketch)
    Composer: Kazuto Shimizu
  7. Mother Ghost Theme #2
  8. Home Sweet Home
  9. Brightness of Love
  10. CHILD/PSY·S [saiz]
    By: Mami Yasunori
  11. Alone
    Composer: Tomotaka Imamichi