The Suspect
International Title
 The Suspect: Muroi Shinji
Music By: Akihiko Matsumoto
Record Label: Universal
Running Time: 44:39 Discs: 1
Release: August 2005 CD Number: UMCK-1191
Anthony Romero
Akihiko Matsumoto is always an interesting composer. His work is unique, memorable, and often diverse from his peers. He combines more modern musical trends, such as techno, with more traditional orchestration in a way that makes him stand out. Sadly, not always in a good light. Despite his better qualities, Matsumoto is historically uneven in his efforts, and this CD for The Suspect: Muroi Shinji, the second Bayside Shakedown spin-off film, continues this trend.

Sadly, this is probably the weakest of all the scores in the Bayside Shakedown series. Where as the soundtrack for Negotiator: Mashita Masayoshi (2005) had a few gems to make it stand out, The Suspect: Muroi Shinji is largely a miss. A few of these cues are pretty over the top, none more so than the cheesy chorus track "The Suspect", which sounds like a paraody of trailer music. "Haijimax" is an interesting theme, although it's techno, techno. The type heard in clubs and unlike other themes from the composer makes no effort to mix in orchestration or anything else. It's catchy, but one has to have a stomach for the general repetition that it features. In fact, the only real stand out cues in a true positive light, besides the stock "G-Groove" theme which isn't even all that great due to outstaying its welcome, is the soothing tracks "The Brave: The Theme of the Suspect Shinji Muroi", which is repeated on the disc, and "The Light of Reminiscence".

Overall, this soundtrack is short and, if you have heard any of the previous Bayside Shakedown scores that contain "G-Groove", largely forgetable. If one is looking for some of the composer's better work in the series, just stick with Negotiator (UMCK-1187) and Rhythm and Police - Original Soundtrack III/The Movie (PHCL-5106).
Rating: Star Rating
  1. The Brave: The Theme of the Suspect Shinji Muroi
  2. Foreshadow
  3. Explosive Situation
  4. G-Groove: Unplugged Mix
  5. Haijimax
  6. The Suspect
  7. Silence and Fearness
  8. The Light of Reminiscence
  9. G-Groove: Original Track from F.F.S.S.
  10. Our Dignity
  11. The Brave (Reprise)
  12. End Credit