Super Atragon - Metal Pulse Music Edition
International Title
 Super Atragon
Music By: Masamichi Amano
Record Label: ADV Music
Running Time: 73:03 Discs: 1
Release: June 2003 CD Number: CSA-001
Anthony Romero
I'll make it no secret that Masamichi Amano's score for this mid-1990's animated feature is one of my favorite soundtracks. Amano, with the help of the Poland National Warsaw Philharmonic Orchestra, managed to create a much more grand score than is often possible in the more limited orchestrations done in Japan. The soundtrack has a nice range to it as well in terms of theme style, featuring some more action oriented pieces like "Menace of the Gravity Lenses" and "Decisive Battle" while also displaying some more soothing themes such as "Go and Annette". The real strength of this disc, though, is that nearly every cue is solid from beginning to end, which makes this a great stand alone listening experience.

This release, produced by ADV Music, is pretty much identical to the Japanese one done in 1996. The tracks are broken up into two broad categories, "Zero Hours to Destruction" and "Memories of the Ocean", as the movie itself was released in two parts to maximize profits upon its distribution. The booklet contained with the "Metal Pulse Music Edition" is quite nice, though, as Amano gets to talk about how he jumped at the chance to compose the soundtrack for this film due to his love of Ishiro Honda's original 1963 Atragon movie, along with some brief history of the original novel that inspired them both. The booklet ends with artist Shigeru Komatsuzaki giving his final thoughts about the classic 1963 movie in retrospect.
Rating: Star Rating
    Zero Hours to Destruction
  1. 1945, Day of Destiny
  2. Theme of the Hyuga Family
  3. Theme of the Undersea Battleship (Main Title)
  4. Departure for the South Pole
  5. Giant Column Indra
  6. Menace of the Gravity Lenses
  7. Theme of the UN Forces
  8. Fortress Bimarna, Spotted
  9. Theme of Eternal Love - To the Ends of the Deep Blue Sea (Theme of the Voyage of the Ra)

    Memories of the Ocean
  10. The Mystery of the Giant Meteorite
  11. A Battle in the Sky
  12. The Return of the Ra
  13. The Truth of 1945
  14. Go and Annette
  15. Deepening Love
  16. Triangle Battle
  17. Launch of the Water Dragon
  18. Attack of the Super Vibration Wave
  19. Decisive Battle - When the Pacific Ocean was Dyed Red (Ra vs. Liberty)
  20. Launch into the Unknown (Ending)