Steamboy - Original Soundtrack
International Title
Music By: Steve Jablonsky
Record Label: Domo Records
Running Time: 60:51 Discs: 1
Release: March 2005 CD Number: 73045-2
Anthony Romero

First, thanks goes to Jessica Stan for sending this in for review!

This is the US release for Steve Jablonsky's Steamboy soundtrack. Jablonsky, best known today for his work on the 2007 Transformers movie and its many sequels, was a protégé of Hans Zimmer and this was one of his earliest scores. As the composer has picked up quite a bit of fame in more recent years, so has attention to his back catalog of work. While Steamboy is a bit more whimsical than modern Jablonsky fans might be used to, the end product is no less stellar and makes for a great stand alone experience.

This score has a nice bit of range to it, although tends to stay on the more upbeat side of things. Tracks like "The Atelier of Ray" and "Scarlet" are great examples as Jablonsky crafts a slightly whimsical sensation while invoking a slight old time feeling to match the period piece nature. It's worth noting that "Manchester 1866", the opening theme, is a great cue from this disc, but does reuse elements from other tracks. "The Atelier of Ray", for example, is contained as part of this longer track, making the Manchester one feel almost like a suite for the score.

The soundtrack also excels for its action motifs, and of these "The Chase" is far and away not just the greatest of them but a highlight for the entire CD. The track does a great job of creating a sense of urgency, and really selling the chase aspect of the subject matter. "Raid by the Airship" is another action motif, and although strikes a similar tone to "The Chase", does have an underlining feeling of trouble that gives it a different flavor. "Fight in the Exposition Ground" is also another great action track, and has a nice uplifting tone to it while drum work helps to further a march-like sensation.

The disc also ends with a great track with "Ray's Theme". The theme utilizes a good deal of trumpet work, giving a very triumphant feel to the cue. This helps it stand out from the pack, and is otherwise an excellent piece to end on.

Overall, this is a very enjoyable score. Add to that is the fact that the price is fairly low, as it can easily be picked up today for under $15 (often times much lower, in fact). If you are fan of the 2004 film, the Transfomers scores (even if this one differs greatly) or just anime soundtracks in general, I advise giving this one a shot.

Rating: Star Rating
  1. Manchester 1866
  2. The Chase
  3. Unexpected Meeting
  4. Scarlet
  5. Raid by the Airship
  6. London World Exposition
  7. The Atelier of Ray
  8. Crystal Palace Waltz
  9. Ray's Dilemma
  10. The Sortie of Scotland Yard
  11. Fight in the Exposition Ground
  12. Launch!
  13. Temptation
  14. Fly in the Sky
  15. Two Delusions
  16. Collapse and Rescue
  17. Ray's Theme