Akira Symphonic Suite
International Title

Music By: Geinoh Yamashirogumi
Record Label: Geneon [Pioneer]

Running Time: 69:18 Discs: 1
Release: August 2004 CD Number: 5240-2
Not only is the movie Akira insane, so is the soundtrack to the 1988 anime film. Akira Symphonic Suite features 10 of Akira's most recognizable songs including "Tetsuo's Theme" and "Requiem". Although there are a limited number of songs on the soundtrack, four of them are over 10 minutes long, so you'd better think again if you refuse to buy this hard-to-find item just because of the apparent lack of themes. Included with the soundtrack, you also get 2 temporary tattoos, track commentary for all 10 songs, the making of Akira Symphonic Suite, lyrics, A Synopsis of Akira, and Geinoh Yamashirogumi's profile. There is also a section where you learn the secret to Yamashiro's Style of Sound Interspace.
- Jason Whittemore 
  1. Kaneda
  2. Battle Against The Clown
  3. Winds Over Neo-Tokyo
  4. Tetsuo
  5. Dolls' Polyphony
  6. Shohmyoh
  7. Mutation
  8. Exodus From The Underground Fortress
  9. Illusion
  10. Requiem
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