Snowy Love Fallin' in Spring - Original Soundtrack
International Title
 Spring Snow
Music By: Taro Iwashiro
Record Label: Universal EMI
Running Time: 52:10 Discs: 1
Release: September 2013 CD Number: TOCT-11616
Anthony Romero
This title, along with many others, was released back in 2013 by Universal and EMI under a new, budget price of ¥999 (~$10). While some of the soundtrack released were quite old and hard to come by, others, like this one for Spring Snow, were rather recent and worked as just a discounted way to purchase it. With a limited supply and high demand, though, the budget titles quickly vanished and have now entered the resale market for about what the normal release would net you. Background aside, this particular soundtrack is a high quality, soothing body of work that is ideal for background listening.

Composed by Taro Iwashiro, best known for his work on Sinking of Japan (2006) and The Samurai I Loved (2005), the score is definitely one of the most soothing soundtracks I have heard. Regardless of the melodramatic love story or pretentious track titles like "Elegance of Thorns", the composer has compiled a solid collection of themes. Violin work is saturated here, appearing in almost all of the tracks. Themes are consistent, with no weak entry to speak of.

The slight downfall of this score, though, is that there is little variety. "Elegance of Thorns (Waltz)", which is a slightly more upbeat track versus the others, is really the only exception. Otherwise, the soundtrack is basically sorted by the violin heavy pieces and the piano solos, the latter of which are marked on the CD. This means that if the first track isn't your cup of tea... there is little hope for the rest, as it all sounds incredibly similar. To be clear, there isn't overuse of the same themes on this disc. In fact, even tracks like "Reincarnation (Piano Solo)" and "Reincarnation" sound different here, with the latter having some light hymns in it as well. The CD as a whole just sounds fairly similar from start to finish.

Bottom line, while I really enjoy this soundtrack, the entire body of work does tend to run together. Not many of the tracks stand out amongst others, and the overall style is the same. That said, I would still highly recommend this soundtrack to anyone who prefers soothing music or really enjoys violin and string work.
Rating: Star Rating
  1. Elegant Revenge
  2. A Youth Worn Out by Love
  3. A Childish Tryst
  4. Eternal Sea
  5. A Moody Prisoner
  6. Mercy
  7. Dreams
  8. Elegance of Thorns (Waltz)
  9. Spring Snow (Piano Solo)
  10. Heavenly Snow (Piano Solo)
  11. Reincarnation (Piano Solo)
  12. Foot of the Rainbow
  13. Spring Shade
  14. Heavenly Snow
  15. Reincarnation