CD: Spine + Dive For You


Spine + Dive For You

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スパイン + ダイブ・フォー・ユー
[Supain + Daibu Fo Yo]

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Boom Boom Satellites
Sony Music
December 2004

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By: Anthony Romero

Released toward the end of 2004, oddly months after the April release of the Appleseed film that features the song, comes this single for the songs "Spine" and "Dive For You". That said, both of these songs appear on their 2005 album, Full of Elevating Pleasure, so while it might seem tardy in contrast to the movie it's more of a preview for the album they would produce.

Now this single is from the musical group Boom Boom Satellites (ブンブンサテライツ), or "rock unit" as they call themselves. This group, or duo, includes Michiyuki Kawashima, who does vocals and guitar, and Masayuki Nakano, who does bass and programming. The duo is also joined by drummer Naoki Hirai, who was with the group during this time although left in 2009. The group was active from 1997 all the way to 2016, when Kawashima tragically passed away from a brain tumor that he had been battling for years. The group was quite successful, though, releasing numerous singles and several albums. Besides Appleseed, they also had their work featured in the 2008 movie The Dark Knight, with "Scatterin' Monkey" appearing in a club sequence and "4 a Moment of Silence" playing outside of a club in the film as well. Enough history, though, let's dive into talking about this single, released during their heyday.

We'll start off covering "Spine", which is the song unrelated to the 2004 movie. Overall this song is not great. It has moments of being okay is the best praise that can be given. In general it feels like a mash up or practice session rather than a finished song. The drum work is the only consistent and complete sounding part while the other elements, especially the vocals, sound incomplete. Like kind of muttering through the parts they hadn't quite figured out yet but would come back to later... only this is the final product. I had to look up the lyrics to understand what Kawashima was saying at the start of the track in fact, which as it turns out is:

"No ghost owns all shells
No ghost owns all shells, no"

Over and over again, and this is the more understandable part of the song too.

Next up we have "Dive For You", which was featured in Appleseed. This song is a breath of fresh air compared to the first track, especially in the vocal area as the lyrics are much more clear and recognizable. The backup instruments, from the guitar work to the drums, also sound good and overall it's a huge online win in contrast to "Spine". It's a repetitive song, but lively and energetic. It's a little dated for the period, sounding like other rock music of the early millennium, but isn't bad. For reference, the version of the song included here is identical to the version found on the soundtrack to the 2004 animated film.

All in all, this single release is a bust. It has two songs, one good and one... not. The good song is available on the soundtrack to the movie as well, which overall is a great soundtrack as well thanks to the other songs at the great score by composer Tetsuya Takahashi. Even completists can skip this release, as it doesn't have any remixes or instrumental versions of the songs either.

In closing, I would like to thank Jessica Stan for sending this CD in for review!

Rating: Star Rating


  1. Spine
  2. Dive For You