Space Battleship Yamato - Original Soundtrack
International Title
 Space Battleship Yamato
Music By: Naoki Sato
Record Label: Crown Tokuma
Running Time: 65:37 Discs: 1
Release: December 2010 CD Number: NQKS-2001
Anthony Romero
Released under their "Keystone Records" label, this CD contains the motion picture score to the 2010 live action adaptation of Space Battleship Yamato. The soundtrack captures both the action and tragedy of the film well, and is overall one of the more enjoyable scores I have heard in awhile.

Simply put, Naoki Sato is a fantastic composer. He turned heads amongst science fiction fans for his version of the Godzilla theme that was created for Always: Sunset on Third Street 2 (2007), and has proven himself to be one of the best composers still working in Japan today. Although being able to capture a range of emotions is his hallmark, Sato on this score is tasked with creating something that is largely action based with hints of tragedy and sometimes hope in its themes. This turns out to be a great fit for the composer, who fashions a soundtrack that works wonderfully as a standalone experience.

When it comes to conveying a sense of grandeur, mild tension and action, Sato does some of his finest work here. Leading the way in this respect is the incredible theme "Fire the Wave Motion Gun", which starts off more tense and quick paced before leading into a very triumphant swell before once again reverting to a tightly paced action cue. It's over four minutes long and does a great job of weaving between the two styles to create one of the better themes here. The "Opening Title" is another rousing, march-like track off this disc, using drums to convey a sense of mass to the giant titular ship. "Enemy Fleet Destroyed" is yet another action motif that works well, starting a little ominously before creating a more tension filled theme. "Crisis", "Faith", "The Cosmo Zero Launches", oh heck, every action theme off this disc is amazing, and there are lots of them too. On another soundtrack, any one of these probably would have ranked as the best theme off the disc, but here they mesh together to create a solid score.

Staying true to his range, there are a couple of standouts here which aren't action themes as well. For example, the chorus supported "Beautiful Blue Planet" does a good job of conveying the majesty of the planet Iscandar. On the more subtle side, which is rare for this more brash style of composing used here, the CD also has the very nice "Orders" theme to break up some of the action pieces. "The Truth About the Radioactivity Removal Device" is another great, although long, cue that is very sorrowful in its tone as its lead by a long female vocal part to it. This overall motif is also reused in "The Final Salute", giving a very fitting parting theme to what is a largely action oriented score.

Overall, this is an amazing soundtrack. It relies largely on the march qualities and tension created from its action themes, but is solid through out without any truly weak cues. Highly recommended, and places Sato firmly on the list of the composers worth watching out for.
Rating: Star Rating
  1. Space Battleship Yamato: Opening Title
  2. Raggedy Men
  3. Ship of Hope
  4. Fire the Wave Motion Gun
  5. The Gamilas Fleet
  6. The Return
  7. Gamilasroid
  8. Orders
  9. Enemy Fleet Destroyed
  10. A Moment of Silence
  11. Solace
  12. Beautiful Blue Planet
  13. Crisis
  14. Faith
  15. A New History
  16. The Cosmo Zero Launches
  17. The Truth About the Radioactivity Removal Device
  18. Entrusted With the Future
  19. Earth
  20. Deslar's Revenge
  21. To Protect
  22. The Final Salute