Sinking of Japan - Original Soundtrack
International Title
 Sinking of Japan
Music By: Taro Iwashiro
Record Label: Victor Entertainment
Running Time: 53:06 Discs: 1
Release: July 2006 CD Number: VICL-62028
Anthony Romero
The soundtrack for the 2006 box office hit Sinking of Japan by composer Taro Iwashiro is a pretty standard affair. The score features a lot of low key themes that are supported by the occasional saxophone segment, something that is reminiscent to Yoshihiro Ike's work on The Spiral (1998). It's a pleasant body of work, just not a very engaging one and consequently it doesn't lend itself very well as a stand alone experience. Of the themes included, the stand out cue would probably be "Record of a Certain Living Thing", which is an interesting combination of violin and saxophone work that is then supported by an almost "rap tempo" beat that works surprisingly well. Unfortunately, at over six minutes in length the track tends to stretch on for a little too long. As for the song "Keep Holding U" by SunMin and Kubota Toshinobu (known together as "SunMin thanX Kubota"), SunMin's voice is very soothing in the track, while Kubota brings his normal R&B style flavor to the song. The beat is also pretty nice, so if one enjoys their work they should be thrilled with this song here.

What I found really disappointing about the release as a whole, though, was that the excellent trailer music, which utilized a chorus to great results, wasn't included. Something that was particularly disheartening as it was much more interesting than any of the music that ended up in the film, and pretty much sold me on the movie just from the pace it established for the promos. Given the 53 minute runtime of this disc too, space would have hardly been an issue in its inclusion. It does make me wonder, though, as to its origin. Perhaps it was merely a stock trailer theme, much like "Redrum" being utilized to promote Godzilla: Final Wars (2004). Regardless, the soundtrack as a whole is sure to please some people, although it's not one that many will find themselves listening to again and again.
Rating: Star Rating
  1. A Unknown Tomorrow
  2. Record of a Certain Living Thing
  3. The End of Utopia
  4. The Gravestone's Return
  5. Who Will Inherit?
  6. Peace in the Earth
  7. To Bare Witness to the Stream of the Deceased
  8. Rain, Wind and the Distant Glow of Sunset
  9. If the Dawn Breaks
  10. Gordian Knot - The Long Road to God
  11. This Japan...
  12. Day of Resurrection
  13. Keep Holding U (Movie Edit)
    By: SunMin thanX Kubota