To the Sea: See You
International Title
 See You
Music By: Ryudo Uzaki
Record Label: Meldac
Running Time: 37:54 Discs: 1
Release: June 1988 CD Number: MED-40
Anthony Romero
Tepid. It's the first and foremost word that comes to mind when describing the soundtrack to See You. On the plus side, the score is hardly one that could be called "unbearable", although boring and unmemorable are better phrases one could attach to it. Helmed largely by composer Ryudo Uzaki, the score has a very modest quality to it. That is to say, the orchestration is both simple and the method used makes the performance sound all the more under whelming, almost like a soundtrack to a video game from the Nintendo 64/Playstation 1 era. This under whelming sense is pretty much undeniable on tracks like "Race is On", which is simplistic and done in a fashion that one can almost picture someone creating it over an electric keyboard one afternoon. To be fair, despite the overt weakness of the early tracks, some are interesting in their own way. Most notably among these is Luis Martinez Serrano's "Donde Esta Corazon", which actually makes good use of a traditional orchestra and has a certain "passionate waltz" type of vibe to it that is enjoyable to listen to. "Dead Heat in Sahara" is also another interesting track, although one that I would classify more as a guilty pleasure. It sounds right out of a high school or college band played aside a sports game, but despite this has a certain allure to it. The last song on the disc is done by French artist Pierre Barouh, who has enjoyed a modest following in Japan. Barouh does a decent job with the final track on this disc. It's pleasant, as Barouh has a soothing voice, but isn't particularly memorable. It should be noted that, outside of the single that was released around the same time, this is the only way to get the song... so hardcore fans of the artist might take note.

Despite these minor exceptions, though, the soundtrack as a whole is pretty bland. The fact that "Northland" and "Rose Des Vents" repeat, although with slight variations, adds insult to injury considering this CD doesn't even clock in at 40 minutes.

As a side note, it should be mentioned that tracks 9 and 10 are actually titled the same as 7 and 8 on the inserts on the disc. The "piano" and "orchestra version" came from other online stores which listed the disc, and were added to differentiate them despite not being cited on the material included with the CD.
Rating: Star Rating
  1. To the Sea: See You - Overture a Bientot
  2. Night in Versailles
  3. Race is On
  4. Crescent
  5. Heat & Dust
  6. The Mailed Memoire
  7. Rose Des Vents - The Rose of the Wind (Instrumental)
  8. Northland
  9. Rose Des Vents - The Rose of the Wind (Instrumental - Piano)
  10. Northland (Orchestra Version)
  11. Donde Esta Corazon
    By: Luis Martinez Serrano
  12. Dead Heat in Sahara
  13. Rose Des Vents - The Rose of the Wind
    By: Pierre Barouh