Arrietty: The Little World of Borrowers
International Title
 The Secret World of Arrietty
Music By: Cecile Corbel
Record Label: Wasabi Records
Running Time: 63:19 Discs: 1
Release: January 2011 CD Number: 9102231
Anthony Romero
First, thanks goes to Jessica Stan for sending this in for review!

Composed and sung by Celtic singer Cecile Corbel, this French version of the soundtrack to The Secret World of Arrietty is a one person show that feels different from past Studio Ghibli work while being enjoyable as a rustic sounding romp that feels right at place in capturing the garden-style adventure of the subject matter.

To get to the heart of things, this is the definitive version of the soundtrack. It contains all of the material found on the Tokuma release (TKCA-73537), but also includes one more bonus track, which is the French version of Arrietty's Song. Although the English, which is found on the Single (YCCW-30024) and the Songbook (YCCW-10109), and Japanese versions of the song are both good, the French is arguably the strongest of Corbel's takes on Arrietty's Song and its inclusion here certainly gives this release an edge over its Japanese counterpart. The other edge is a rather large booklet, more accurately a book in fact. The book isn't amazing or anything, featuring primarily music sheets and pictures of Corbel herself, but is a nice diversion to thumb through once.

As for the rest of the content, it's an enjoyable body of work that is far from the best that Studio Ghibli has produced, but then considering the pedigree some of their soundtracks are known for that is more than enough room for a solid soundtrack here and Corbel certainly delivers. Highlights include the energetic "Sho's Song (Instrumental Version)", which is an infectious piece that makes the listener almost want to dance, while other themes like "Sho's Lament (Instrumental Version N°1)" are very rustic and soothing, being harp driven as Corbel is known for in her work. While there are some misfires, like the excruciatingly slow "Precious Memories", the score as a whole is enjoyable.

Overall, it's worth owning the soundtrack in one form or another. Either this or the Tokuma release (TKCA-73537) will suffice, although if money isn't a concern and it's a choice between the two, this is the best version of the soundtrack available.
Rating: Star Rating
  1. The Neglected Garden
  2. Our House Below (Movie Version)
  3. Our House Below (Instrumental Version)
  4. The Doll House (Instrumental Version)
  5. Sho's Lament (Instrumental Version N°1)
  6. Arrietty's Song (Instrumental Version)
  7. The Neglected Garden (Instrumental Version)
  8. Sho's Waltz
  9. Spiller (Instrumental Version)
  10. Rain (Instrumental Version)
  11. The Wild Waltz
  12. Sho's Lament (Instrumental Version N°2)
  13. An Uneasy Feeling
  14. With You
  15. The House is in Silence
  16. Sho's Song (Instrumental Version)
  17. Precious Memories
  18. Goodbye My Friend (Instrumental Version)
  19. I Will Never Forget You
  20. Arrietty's Song

    Bonus Tracks
  21. Tears in My Eyes
  22. Goodbye My Friend
  23. La Chanson D'Arrietty (French Version)