International Title
 The Secret World of Arrietty
Music By: Cecile Corbel
Record Label: Yamaha Music
Running Time: 40:00 Discs: 1
Release: April 2010 CD Number: YCCW-10109
Anthony Romero
First, thanks goes to Jessica Stan for sending this in for review!

Although "Image Albums", earlier conception music created before the final score from storyboards (images, hence the name), are quite common for animated films in Japan, this release could be considered a mix between a Songbook and the more traditional image album releases. In terms of content, the CD is filled with vocal music by Celtic singer Cecile Corbel that was used, adapted for or scrapped for the film The Secret World of Arrietty creating an okay experience that has its share of misses along the way.

The Kariu-gurashi songbook, like image albums before it, contains very little music that was used directly in the final film. The two songs that were used in the film include "The Neglected Garden" and "Arrietty's Song". An extended version of "Our House Below" was also used in the final production as well. Other songs were later used as instrumental tracks in the final film, which aren't found on this release. A few of these tracks work better in their final orchestral only forms, such as "Sho's Song" and "Spiller", the latter of which is the weakest song on the disc sounding a little overly childish compared to the other included material.

In terms of content that wasn't used at all in the final version, "A Different World" is one example and rather a shame as it's one of Corbel's stronger vocal tracks, making an excellent choice to lead off this CD. "Forbidden Love", which is a little cheesy, and "Haru's Chase", which is very much an over-the-top missfire, are two more songs that weren't used at all in the movie. The pop sounding "Departure at Dawn" and the awkwardly paced "My First Borrowing" also didn't make the cut, and somehow it's not too surprising to find some of the weaker material ended up on the cutting room floor versus the final product.

Overall, most people should be fine sticking with the final release of the album. It contains some of the best work from this release, and while leaves behind some of the weaker tracks. Completists should certainly scoop up both, as there is a large amount of unique music to this release, but pickier consumers should suffice with the film soundtrack.
Rating: Star Rating
  1. A Different World
  2. Arrietty's Song (English Version)
  3. Sho's Song
  4. Sho's Lament
  5. The Neglected Garden
  6. Forbidden Love
  7. My First Borrowing
  8. Our House Below
  9. Haru's Chase
  10. Rain
  11. Spiller
  12. The Doll House
  13. Departure at Dawn
  14. Arrietty's Song