Secret of the Telegian
International Title
 The Secret of the Telegian
Music By: Sei Ikeno
Record Label: SLC
Running Time: 44:14 Discs: 1
Release: September 1995 CD Number: SLCS-5066
Anthony Romero
While not a particularly strong soundtrack as a whole by most standards, I must attest to having always been a fan of Sei Ikeno's work. He has a very contemporary flavor to him, which for his time period gives his body of work a very "classic" quality to it today. In the instance of this soundtrack, Ikeno lends his talents toward creating a mysterious and brooding score that also gives the sense of the era from which it was written. At times, the soundtrack feels like it would be right at home in the background of an old radio mystery serial, and certainly "Thriller Show" (one of my favorite cues off the disc) strives just for that. That description doesn't really do the soundtrack full justice, though, as Ikeno is never over the top or "hammy" in his orchestrations, maintaining a level of class while still producing a score that fits this type of sensation. Outside of the more mysterious cues, the disc also offers a variety of themes that sound perfect for a 1960's club or dance scene, all of which belong to the "Cabaret Daihonei" tracks and the unaltered "Transistor Radio · Raw Material".

Overall, the score isn't particularly captivating, yet as a whole fills a nice niche that is sure to please soundtrack collectors who might enjoy something a bit more aged and rustic. It's surprisingly enjoyable as a standalone experience, although does suffer a little from its short runtime.
Rating: Star Rating
  1. Main Title (M1)
  2. Thriller Show
    By: Juventino Rosas Cadenas
  3. Murder Case (M2)
  4. Cryotron (M3)
  5. The Victim's Personal Effects (M4)
  6. The Man That Purchased a Cooling Device (M5)
  7. The Two Meet (M6)
  8. Muzzle (M7-T2)
  9. Cabaret Daihonei [1] (PS26-T2)
  10. Old Imperial Army Dog Tag (M8)
  11. Cabaret Daihonei [2] (M9)
  12. The Taped Threat (M10)
  13. Cabaret Daihonei [3] (PS30)
  14. Corporal Sudo's Ghost (M11)
  15. Cabaret Daihonei [4]
  16. Pursuit [1] (M12)
  17. The Telegian in the Warehouse District (M13)
  18. First Lieutenant Onishi's Recollection (M14-T2)
  19. The Bayonet of Malice (M15)
  20. Bouquet (M16)
  21. The Key to Solving the Case (M17)
  22. Otani Ranch and the Asama Plateau (M18)
  23. Creating an Alibi [1] (M19)
  24. The Telegian Appears (M20-T1)
  25. Pursuit [2] (M21)
  26. Creating an Alibi [2] (M22)
  27. Transistor Radio (M23 Edit)
  28. Early Warning of the Final Murder (M24)
  29. The Whereabouts of the Bayonet Devil (M26)
  30. Demon of Revenge: Sudo (M27)
  31. Pursuit [3] (M28-T2)
  32. Ending (M29-T1)
  33. Transistor Radio · Raw Material (M23)
  34. Corporal Sudo's Theme · Unused (M25)