"Goodbye" Women - Soundpoem
International Title
 "Sayonara" die Fräulein

Music By: Tetsuro Kashibuchi
Record Label: Pony Canyon

Running Time: 43:16 Discs: 1
Release: December 1987 CD Number: D32A-0340
This 1987 soundtrack is done primarily by Tetsuro Kashibuchi, who definitely shows a lot of range in his compositions. The "Goodbye Berlin" track, for example, is a classic "slow dance" type of melody, while on the opposite end of the spectrum is Kashibuchi's "Wonderful Friends" that sounds like an old time silent era composition. Another diverse recording from him is his "A Smile in a Pitsui Cart," which is a very simple cue with limited orchestration to the point where it sounds almost like it might have come from Koji Kondo's The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time score. His standout track, though, is easily "Another Tomorrow - Un Demain de Plus", in which Kashibuchi sings in French surprisingly well. However, the big shock for most will probably be the last track, the title song, in which actor Masatoh Eve delivers a very soothing and enjoyable performance. Overall, the disc kind of grows on the listener overtime; not really a great soundtrack, but its extreme range of diversity tends to suit the release well.

Like other discs released at this point in time, this CD is an exact copy of the LP soundtrack that was issued for the movie, which is also why the running time here is on the short side.
- Anthony Romero 
  1. "Sayonara"
    By: Yuki Saito
  2. Wonderful Friends
  3. When the Green Grass Grows
  4. A Smile in a Pitsui Cart
  5. Picnic
  6. Love Diary
  7. Portrait of Love
  8. Another Tomorrow - Un Demain de Plus
  9. Goodbye Berlin
  10. An Adventure Lover's Ballade
  11. A Cheerful Group
  12. The Minuet of the Petal
  13. Die Fräulein
  14. "Sayonara" Women
    By: Masatoh Eve