The Ring - The Spiral
International Title
 Ring / The Spiral

Music By: Kenji Kawai
Record Label: Pony Canyon

Running Time: 64:08 Discs: 1
Release: January 1998 CD Number: PCCR-00270
This CD contains the soundtrack to the 1998 double feature Ring and its original sequel The Spiral. Overall this disc is a very interesting mix of music, although it doesn't mesh together all that well. On the upside is Kenji Kawai's wonderfully atmospheric score for Ring, which is found here on tracks 2-5. Of these, the "Genes" track is probably the stand out cue, as it has a great build up and is slightly more action oriented than the other themes. Tracks six and seven are ones that were "inspired" by the film, and are done by the UK based group Juno Reactor, who is probably best known for their work on the Matrix series. All in all, the two tracks have a nice techno type of flow to them, although they don't really fit well with Kawai's orchestrations and tend to overstay their welcome as each track is over seven minutes.

Following this is a selection of themes from The Spiral, starting with track eight. For those who have never heard La Finca and Yoshihiro Ike's score for the movie before, it's about as different as one can get from the score for Ring. Most of the tracks here go for a kind of romantic jazz angle, which isn't unpleasant to listen to but cues like "Portrait of Love" sound a little cheesy in their execution. "Kizuna" is probably the best of these; it gets bogged down a little during the "backwards vocal" part in the middle, but the rest of the cue is well done. The disc finishes with the group HIIH's song "Distorted Clock," which is a decent piece from them although they tend to do better with the " Feels Like Heaven" song that opens the CD.

For reference, the title of track six appears, in English, as "Gurdian" more than once in the booklet and on the back cover. Normally I would use this, although since this song has been released on other albums correctly as "Guardian Angel" this has been fixed for the track listing.
- Anthony Romero 
  1. Feels Like "Heaven" (X TRA Soundscape Mix)
    By: HIIH
  2. A Dissonance Split
  3. The Cursed Video
  4. Genes
  5. Ring
  6. Guardian Angel
    By: Juno Reactor
  7. Feel the Universe
    By: Juno Reactor
  8. Portrait of Love
    By: La Finca, Composer: Yoshihiro Ike
  9. Kizuna
    By: La Finca, Composer: Yoshihiro Ike
  10. Legend of Love
    By: La Finca, Composer: Yoshihiro Ike
  11. Out of Control
    By: La Finca, Composer: Yoshihiro Ike
  12. Distorted Clock
    By: HIIH