The Ring 2 - Original Soundtrack
International Title
 Ring 2
Music By: Kenji Kawai
Record Label: Warner Music
Running Time: 42:54 Discs: 1
Release: January 1999 CD Number: WPCV-10006
Anthony Romero
Composer Kenji Kawai returns to what would end up being the "true" sequel to the smash hit production Ring (1998). As expected, Kawai delivers a very chilling score for this soundtrack, creating a number of haunting themes to go with the film. None more so, though, than the unnerving "Anguish Beneath the Waves", which includes the main title from the first movie before moving into new material. "A Terrifying Curse" is also another wonderfully suspenseful cue off this soundtrack, as it mixes silence, traditional orchestration and what almost sounds like "haunted house" style sound effects to surprisingly good results. On the flip side, themes like "Fate" are more engaging, set to a much quicker tempo and without nearly as much emphasis on building suspense. In regards to the ending song "A Smile as Cold as Ice" by Imai Miki, it's an interesting and fairly upbeat vocal piece. Not surprisingly, it doesn't really fit with the score at all, which seems to be a common trait of songs for Japanese horror films, but it's still an enjoyable melody in its own right. As for the first track on this disc, it's a five minute theme that could be regarded as a techno approach to the movie's score. It's cited as being "trailer" music here, although quite frankly I can't recall hearing the theme anywhere outside of this disc, and it certainly doesn't appear in the film itself. It's not a bad track, far from it if one tends to like this genre of music, although its inclusion here seems based more on increasing the CD's runtime to an acceptable amount than anything else.

Overall, like most horror scores this disc tends to work better with the movie then as a stand alone experience. However, it's certainly more engaging and is, arguably, superior to the first score in the series. Suffice to say, if one enjoys horror soundtracks then this disc comes recommended.
Rating: Star Rating
  1. Ring 2 - Trailer
  2. Anguish Beneath the Waves
  3. Vestiges of Terror
  4. Unearthly
  5. A Terrifying Curse
  6. Fate
  7. The Whisper of a Vengeful Ghost
  8. The Sound of the Black Waves
  9. Shock
  10. A Smile as Cold as Ice (Edited Version)
    By: Imai Miki