CD: The Red Turtle - Original Music



The Red Turtle - Original Music

Spain CD Title

La Tortue Rouge - Musique Originale

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Laurent Perez Del Mar
Quartet Records
June 2016

Based On:

The Red Turtle



By: Anthony Romero

This is an interesting release by Quartet Records, a Spanish label that tends to issue CDs with either English or Spanish language covers... although in this case the disc features neither and instead is in French. The language choice is fitting, though, given the French and Japanese co-production. As for the subject matter, the disc is on the slightly short side at a little under 48 minutes. That said, composer Laurent Perez Del Mar has hit one out of the park with this score. Given the virtually dialogue-less film, the composer is left to make his music really convey emotions during sequences. As a result of that work, it translates wonderfully into a fantastic stand alone experience.

While this disc has a number of great themes, one of the hallmarks is the theme for "The Girl". It's a beautifully done piece, starting first with a piano solo that sets the mode before it's joined by a flute and then eventually violin work. As a result, the theme transitions from minimal to sweeping, building on itself as it goes. The flute component ends up being a defining element of the score as a whole, and does appear in other themes as well such as "I Will Stay With You". Sometimes its inclusion is even surprising. A good example of that is in the excellent theme "The Tsunami", which is more energetic and frantic to match the disaster it's meant to depict as choir work also relays the gravity of the scene. Once the more hectic element of the theme is passed, though, the flute appears to tie it into the main score. This motif, fittingly, appears again but played by violins rather than the flute for "The Red Turtle" theme. As a result, it sounds slightly more triumphant and majestic, up until the turtle causes trouble and the theme likewise transitions.

In all, there is some surprising variety found in the score. This includes the more bouncy themes like "The Baby" and "Flying with the Turtles", which do a good job of conveying a sense of wonder. In total, the CD is pretty consistent in quality, with a lot of great themes here. The only dull point is the "Second Raft", which seems to plod on without grabbing the listener's attention as a stand alone experience.

Bottom line is that this is a fantastic score. It's available a couple of ways, including this release, a Japanese release and also a digital only release in the US. Regardless of how you pick it up, it's highly recommended.

Sadly, as a side complaint, the disc is not in chronological order. In fact, the CD seems to go out of its way to jumble up the placement of themes. For example, "The Tsunami" happens pretty late in the movie while inversely the final track here, "Second Raft", occurs fairly early in the film. If you prefer to know the chronological order, check out this article.

Rating: Star Rating


  1. Love in the Sky
  2. Flying with the Turtles
  3. The Girl
  4. The Tsunami
  5. White Hair
  6. She is Dead
  7. The Baby
  8. Despair
  9. Baby's Fall
  10. L'au Revoir
  11. The First Raft
  12. The Red Turtle
  13. I Will Stay with You
  14. The Fall
  15. The Dream
  16. I've Found Dad
  17. Where is She?
  18. He Has to Go
  19. Anger
  20. Second Raft