Mothra - Original Soundtrack Complete
International Title
 Rebirth of Mothra
Music By: Toshiyuki Watanabe
Record Label: Pony Canyon
Running Time: 46:08/44:25 Discs: 2
Release: December 1996 CD Number: PCCR-00243
Anthony Romero
Pony Canyon's two disc set for the 1996 Mothra film is, as the title indicates, "complete" to a degree rarely seen outside of these deluxe releases in Japan. Included with this set is every cue utilized in the film, and in chronological order as it appeared in the production. The second disc also has two longer suites, which were found on the single disc soundtracks, of some of the movie's better themes before rounding out its selection with an alternate version of the "Mothra Leo" song, Karaoke versions and finally sound effects.

As for the music, composer Toshiyuki Watanabe does a good job with this score, which was his first for Toho after a near decade long break from the company. Compared to his soundtracks for the two later films in the "Rebirth of Mothra" series, though, this one is marginally his weakest. This is due to a number of reasons, including more repetition between themes and a smaller orchestra for the compositions, or conduction that fails to utilize what they were allotted. Still, this soundtrack is quite enjoyable regardless and a number of cues, such as Desghidorah's theme and the incredibly touching "Return to the Sea", make the score really work. "The Will of the Larvae" is another great composition off this score, although its overt similarities to "Colors of the Wind" off of Disney's Pocahontas, which was released just a year before, are a little hard to overlook at times.

Overall, this release comes highly suggested to more avid collectors, although more price consciences individuals would probably be better off with ADV's release; not only because one could pick up the entire series on single discs for the price of this one, but because no track in particular here that was left off the single disc really jumps out as a "must have".

As a side note, the CD's cover marks one of the few times that the Mothra Leo name has appeared in print. However, it states it as "Mothra Reo", falling into that common dilemma of l's and r's being interchangeable in Japanese.
Rating: Star Rating
    Disc 1
  1. Main Title (M1)
  2. Mass of Rocks (M2)
  3. The Broken Seal (M3)
  4. The Elias' Departure (M4)
  5. Man's Doing (M5)
  6. Psychokinesis (M6)
  7. Belvera and the Large Tree (M7)
  8. The Elias and the Large Tree (M8)
  9. LDK Battle 1 (M9)
  10. LDK Battle 2 (M10)
  11. LDK Battle 3 (M11)
  12. The Legend of Desghidorah (M12)
  13. The Beginning of the Great Journey (M13)
  14. Dynamite Bulldozer (M14)
  15. Kite Battle (M15)
  16. The Appearance of Desghidorah (M16)
  17. The Guardian Goddess of the Beautiful Star (M17)
  18. The Mothra Song · Instrumental (M18)
    Composer: Yuji Koseki
  19. The Mothra Song (M19)
    By: Megumi Kobayashi, Sayaka Yamaguchi, Composer: Yuji Koseki
  20. Mothra Appears (M20)
  21. Mothra vs. Desghidorah 1 (M21)
  22. The Egg's Will (M22)
  23. The Song of Prayer (M23)
    By: Megumi Kobayashi, Sayaka Yamaguchi, Composer: Akiko Yano
  24. Mothra vs. Desghidorah 2 (M24)
  25. The Shield's Power (M25)
  26. The Will of the Larvae (M26)
  27. Larva vs. Desghidorah (M27)
  28. Mothra in Danger (M28)
  29. Bond (M29)
  30. Escape (M30)
  31. Return to the Sea (M31)
    Disc 2
  1. For the Sake of Rebirth (M32)
  2. Desghidorah Soars (M32A)
  3. Island of Rebirth (M33)
    Composer: Akiko Yano
  4. Television News Title (M34)
  5. Mothra Leo (M35)
    By: Megumi Kobayashi, Sayaka Yamaguchi, Composer: Akiko Yano
  6. Emergence of a Saint (M36)
  7. Flight (M37)
  8. The New Mothra Fights (M38)
  9. Seal (M39)
  10. Earth's Revival (M40)
  11. Thank You, Mothra (M41 + M42)
  12. Ending (M43)
  13. The Will of the Larvae (M26 Full Version)
  14. Seal (M39 Full Version)
  15. Mothra Leo (M35 Infant Language Version)
    By: Megumi Kobayashi, Sayaka Yamaguchi, Composer: Akiko Yano
  16. The Mothra Song · Karaoke
    Composer: Yuji Koseki
  17. The Song of Prayer · Karaoke
    Composer: Akiko Yano
  18. Mothra Leo · Karaoke
    Composer: Akiko Yano
  19. Sound Effects