Mothra 3
International Title
 Rebirth of Mothra III
Music By: Toshiyuki Watanabe
Record Label: Toshiba EMI
Running Time: 49:54 Discs: 1
Release: November 1998 CD Number: TYCY-10002
Anthony Romero
Toshiba's first release of the score for Rebirth of Mothra III, done under their Futureland brand, is a single disc presentation that does well to highlight the best aspects of Toshiyuki Watanabe's work for the film. Watanabe himself has definitely improved as a composer as well, showing a good deal of progress since he took on the first entry in the trilogy, Rebirth of Mothra (1996).

It's debatable which is the best offering, musical, in the series, but general consensus is definitely in favor of either the second or third. Watanabe's themes aren't just effective in context either as a number of cues on this release work well as a stand alone experience, such as "Risk Your Life" and "The Appearance of the Armored Warrior". "The Last Battle" is also a wonderful update of Watanabe's original theme for Mothra Leo; the improvement of which, both in terms of composition and the size of the orchestra, are instantly noticeable when directly compared to its use in the first movie. The stand out track on this disc, though, is actually a song done by lead actress Megumi Kobayashi, as her melody to send Mothra back in time ("Haora Mothra") is a wonderful track that starts out with a very soothing pace before increasing in its energetic tempo. From a personal stand point, it's my favorite Mothra song without contest.

It should be noted that this disc is identical to the later ADV release in terms of music selection and running time. As for a recommendation of which to get, casual consumers would probably be best advised to get the ADV disc. The reasons for which are simply that it's far cheaper than Toshiba's offerings, while it has the same musical selection of this disc which covers the best aspects of the score while avoiding repetition. It goes without saying then that more "dedicated" collectors should stick with the mult-disc set (TYCY-10004/5).

This unfortunately leaves this disc without much to recommend about it. It does have some exclusive CD-Rom content, but this is in the form of simply displaying the cover shot and a trailer for the film, which is presented in Quicktime in either 240 pixels wide or 320 pixels wide presentations (and if you forgot how awful web videos looked in 1998, these heavily pixilated and bulky 12-20MB tracks give a good demonstration of how far we have come). As a bit of superficial praise, this release does have the best cover of any of the Rebirth of Mothra III soundtrack releases, with a great contrast between Armor Mothra in the front and King Ghidorah's three heads in the background. Its also one of the few times that one can see Mothra Leo correctly identified as a male in the short English blurb on the front of the cover.

Overall, this is a good score but the release is overshadowed by superior offerings found on CD either that are more complete or are offered at a lower price.
Rating: Star Rating
  1. Opening - The Legend is Set Free
  2. The Eerie Swarm of Meteors
  3. The Strange Meteorite
  4. The Mothra Song
    By: Megumi Kobayashi, Misato Tate
  5. The Second Coming of the Greatest Foe
  6. The Appearance of Mothra
  7. Meeting with Mothra
  8. The Sound of the Blade of Sadness
  9. Decision - Journey through Space and Time
  10. Haora Mothra (Moll vers.)
    By: Megumi Kobayashi
  11. One Last Request
  12. Soaring High 130 Million Years Ago
  13. The Strange Dome
  14. Cretaceous Battle 1
  15. Risk Your Life
  16. Cretaceous Battle 2
  17. Haora Mothra (Lora vers.)
    By: Misato Tate
  18. Requiem
  19. The Return of King Ghidorah
  20. The Tragic Battle
  21. The Appearance of the Armored Warrior
  22. The Last Battle
  23. The Last Metamorphosis
  24. The Power of the Legend
  25. Ending - Touch My Heart