Mothra 3 - Original Soundtrack Complete
International Title
 Rebirth of Mothra III
Music By: Toshiyuki Watanabe
Record Label: Toshiba EMI
Running Time: 41:02/51:03 Discs: 2
Release: December 1998 CD Number: TYCY-10004/5
Anthony Romero
Living up to its name, this two disc release from Toshiba, under their Futureland brand, features the complete score to Rebirth of Mothra III. For those unfamiliar with the music from this film, Toshiyuki Watanabe returns to score the last feature in the Mothra trilogy, delivering another strong performance. Like other soundtracks from Watanabe, the score also works well as a stand alone experience, in particular tracks like "Meeting with Mothra" and "The Last Battle". The lyrical work is also improved on this particular soundtrack, displaying easily the best songs of the three pictures. This is apparent not only in pacing, avoiding the long winded pieces found in Rebirth of Mothra (1996), but also in songs like Megumi Kobayashi's "Haora Mothra" which, speaking personally, is my favorite song from any of the films that feature Mothra.

In terms of what this two disc set does to differentiate itself from Toshiba's single CD release (TYCY-10002), the set contains roughly seven additional minutes of music from the feature. Furthermore, this release also includes: sound effects, karaoke versions to the songs, some abridged "radio drama" segments (track 29-34 on disc 2) and another version of the Mothra Song, which seems to simply level the background music in different ways. Unfortunately, this set is kind of cumbersomely designed, as the main score is located across the two discs for pretty much no reason, especially since the entire score could have easily fit on one disc. In fact, doing some number crunching, if one was to remove the "radio drama" stuff the total runtime here would be almost exactly 76 minutes. What this means is that this could have fit on a single CD without any trouble, unless one is attached to the "filler" scene tracks found at the end. Of course, if that was done then Toshiba couldn't have charged around ¥5,000 (about $40 in 1998) for it. Regardless of the marketing decisions behind it, though, more avid soundtrack collectors will still be interested in picking this release up for its unmatched coverage of the film's score.
Rating: Star Rating
    Disc 1
  1. Opening - The Legend is Set Free (M1 + M2)
  2. The Legend of the Metal (M3)
  3. The Eerie Swarm of Meteors (M4)
  4. The Strange Meteorite (M5)
  5. A Huge Shadow (M7)
  6. The Giant Monster Arrives (M8)
  7. The Mothra Song (M9)
    By: Megumi Kobayashi, Misato Tate
  8. The Second Coming of the Greatest Foe (M10)
  9. The Strange Dome 2 (M11)
  10. The Appearance of Mothra (M12)
  11. The Disaster with Lora (M13)
  12. The Disappearing Children (M14)
  13. The Strange Dome 3 (M15)
  14. King Ghidorah in Flight (M16)
  15. Meeting with Mothra (M17)
  16. The Sound of the Blade of Sadness (M18)
  17. King Ghidorah's Fury (M19)
  18. Decision - Journey through Space and Time (M20)
  19. Haora Mothra (Moll vers./M20)
    By: Megumi Kobayashi
  20. One Last Request (M22)
  21. Soaring High 130 Million Years Ago (M23)
  22. The Strange Dome (M24)
  23. Cretaceous Battle 1 (First Half/M25)
  24. Cretaceous Battle 1 (Second Half/M25)
  25. Risk Your Life (M27 + M27A)
  26. The Ominous Tail (M28)
  27. Cretaceous Battle 2 (M28A)
  28. Haora Mothra (Lora vers./M29)
    By: Misato Tate
  29. Mothra's Desperate Situation (M30)
    Disc 2
  1. Requiem (M30A)
  2. The Return of King Ghidorah (M31)
  3. The Tragic Battle (M32)
  4. The Appearance of the Armored Warrior (M32A)
  5. The Last Battle (M33)
  6. The Last Metamorphosis (M34)
  7. The Power of the Legend (M35 + M36)
  8. Ending - Touch My Heart (M37)
  9. The Mothra Song
    By: Megumi Kobayashi, Misato Tate
  10. The Second Coming of the Greatest Foe
  11. The Mothra Song (Karaoke)
  12. The Second Coming of the Greatest Foe
  13. Haora Mothra (Moll vers.)
    By: Megumi Kobayashi
  14. Haora Mothra (Moll vers. Karaoke)
  15. Haora Mothra (Lora vers.)
    By: Misato Tate
  16. Haora Mothra (Lora vers. Karaoke)
  17. SE: King Ghidorah (Roar, Flight)
  18. SE: King Ghidorah (Cretaceous Roar)
  19. SE: King Ghidorah (Beam)
  20. SE: King Ghidorah (Cretaceous Beam)
  21. SE: Mothra (Roar, Beam A, Beam B, Wing Beam, Flight A, Flight B)
  22. SE: Armor Mothra (Roar, Flight)
  23. SE: Fairy (Roar, Beam)
  24. SE: Garu-Garu 3 (Roar, Beam)
  25. SE: Cretaceous Dinosaurs
  26. SE: The Conversation with Mothra
  27. SE: The Heartbeat of the Dome
  28. SE: King Ghidorah's Wing Beams
  29. Scene 71 (Used Track [Decision - Journey through Space and Time])
  30. Scene 76 (Used Track [Haora Mothra - Moll vers.])
  31. Scene 82 (Used Track [Soaring High 130 Million Years Ago])
  32. Scene 92 (Used Track [Cretaceous Battle 1 - First Half])
  33. Scene 102(Used Track [Cretaceous Battle 2])
  34. Scene 103(Used Track [Haora Mothra - Lora vers.])