Rhythm and Police - Original Soundtrack V/The Movie 2~Sound File
International Title
 Bayside Shakedown 2
Music By: Akihiko Matsumoto
Record Label: Universal
Running Time: 42:34 Discs: 1
Release: September 2003 CD Number: UMCK-4054
Anthony Romero
This is the fifth volume in the Rhythm and Police line and the second soundtrack for the extremely successful film Bayside Shakedown 2. Compared with the previous volume, IV (UMCK-9527), this disc makes for a much more enjoyable standalone experience. It lacks a truly stellar track, which the previous CD had in "Rhythm and Police 2003", but also doesn't feature any cues which are particularly unpleasant. Like the other discs in the series, this release is composed by Akihiko Matsumoto. As is standard for the composer, this CD features a wide range of styles, although tends to drift more toward the "usual" scoring methods instead of his often unorthodox approach, which is expected given that volume IV had mostly contemporary tracks. In terms of the best theme on here, it would arguably be "Critical Moment II", which is a nice rousing theme if not a little long winded. "SAT" is another interesting cue off this disc, probably the most energetic of the group once it kicks into motion, although starts off with sound effects from a helicopter and a slow horn tune making it a little cumbersome until the "meat" of the piece begins.

A couple of the themes off this disc are reoccurring, or will become so in later releases. One example of this is the "C.X. (Orchestra Version 2003)", which was one of my favorite cues off the original score for Bayside Shakedown (1998). This new take is nice... but lacks a lot of the energy of the earlier recording. Another of these such tracks is "Negotiator" which, naturally, is reused for Negotiator: Mashita Masayoshi (2005), although a vocal layer is added for the 2005 movie to make it very distinct compared to the version here.

Overall, there are better CDs by Akihiko Matsumoto, such as volume III (PHCL-5106) of this series and Negotiator, but this disc should still prove interesting for his fans and is a much more appealing package than the previous volume was.
Rating: Star Rating
  1. SAT
  2. R.A.P. Rocks
  3. Negotiator
  4. Criminal Sign
  5. Sumire ~ Prologue
  6. Girls 7
  7. Taikan
  8. Unity
  9. Faith and Pain
  10. Brave the Way
  11. Critical Moment II
  12. Sumire
  13. C.X. (Orchestra Version 2003)
  14. B.T.R.B.
  15. Love Somebody ~ Memories