Rhythm and Police - Original Soundtrack III/The Movie
International Title
 Bayside Shakedown
Music By: Akihiko Matsumoto
Record Label: Mercury
Running Time: 47:07 Discs: 1
Release: October 1998 CD Number: PHCL-5106
Anthony Romero
The third release in the "Rhythm and Police" line, this disc deals with the soundtrack to the first Bayside Shakedown film. As is customary with this CD series, III features a lot of remixes of previous themes, particularly "G-Groove", "Ding Dong" and of course the self-titled "Rhythm and Police". The remixes here certainly aren't bad, much better than the ones that appeared in Rhythm and Police - Original Soundtrack IV/The Movie 2. The track "Shinjyo" also debates on this disc, a theme which sounds suspiciously close to one used in The Matrix the following year, which played during the "pan around the phone" scene. Unfortunately, this theme is best heard in small spurts, and the five and half minute version here just drags on far too long. In fact, the CD as a whole tends to trade off on enjoyable themes with ones that just fail to catch one's interest. "The Sabbath", "March of C.X.", "Requiem" and the holdover remixed tracks all good themes; however, they are counterbalanced by the awful "Abduction" (honestly sounds like a room with musicians tuning their horns), the tedious "The Mission of Conga" and "Insect Man". The disc does more right then wrong, without doubt, and I would rather have a disc with some nice themes mixed in with bad, than a mediocre CD as a whole. Although this stance will likely depend on listening habits. The disc does have one of those annoying "secret tracks", which plays at the end of track 13 after a 30 second pause. The theme is chorus based, sounding like "Odiex (The Theme of Teddy)" except with a faster tempo. I have seen this theme often referred to as "Manami", although it's not mentioned at all in the booklet.

Overall, there are some nice tracks here, enough to probably suggest this soundtrack to people who enjoy Matsumoto's work despite its rather meager runtime. Due to the reputation in this line, though, it's hard to suggest picking up more than one CD from the series, unless one truly enjoys this style of techno-like music. Regardless, this particular disc certainly isn't a bad "entry" level one for those interested in the Bayside Shakedown music.
Rating: Star Rating
  1. R.A.P. Jams
  2. The Sabbath
  3. Ding Dong (Latin Mix)
  4. G-Groove (Rockin' Beats Mix)
  5. Abduction
  6. Shinjyo
  7. March of C.X.
  8. Rhythm and Police (Drum'n Bass Ver.)
  9. Insect Man
  10. Odiex (The Theme of Teddy)
  11. The Mission of Conga
  12. Requiem
  13. Rhythm and Police 1998 (New Mix)