Queen Bee - Original Soundtrack
International Title
 Queen Bee
Music By: Shinichi Tanabe
Record Label: Culture Publishers
Running Time: 44:10 Discs: 1
Release: December 1998 CD Number: CPC8-3013
Anthony Romero
First off, huge thanks goes out, once again, to Robert Storch for sending this disc for review!

This CD, from Culture Publishers under their Volcano label, features the score to the 1978 movie Queen Bee. Like others in the Kosuke Kindaichi series, this soundtrack has a distinctly 1970's type of flavor to it. A very contemporary product that, on those basis, has the chance to either turn on or turn off the listener based on their preferences. Being a glutton myself for music from this decade, I found Shinichi Tanabe's score to be an enjoyable endeavor. It doesn't quite capture the spirit of Tanabe's previous score on the series, Hell's Gate Island (1977), but is a very worthy entry none the same.

The first thing the listener is likely to notice off this disc is how retro a few of these cues are. Electric instruments abound in some of these themes, the best example of these is the deliciously dated "Kosuke Kindaichi's Day", which perfectly exemplifies the more unique styling approach that emerged in soundtracks during this decade. "Tomoko's Theme: Queen Bee of Love" is also another track distinctly from this period of scoring, although this track effectively weaves in more traditional orchestration that results in a very enjoyable experience and probably makes for the movie's most memorable theme. "Love and Hate" is another nice cue off this disc, mixing in a traditional orchestra with a more 1970's approach that makes the soothing theme fairly upbeat and almost energetic at times. The more rustic and folklore like quality Tanabe is known for is also in full force here, present in acoustic guitar heavy themes like "Hideko's Theme: Closed Thought".

Overall, it's an enjoyable experience for those who like music from this period. It's probably one of the more diverse efforts to Tanabe's resume, as he really shows his range here. Sadly, like others in this line, this disc is fairly short at a runtime of only 44 minutes.

As a side note, this disc is a reissue of an older CD released in 1993 (SLCS-5014). Placed under Culture Publishers' "Ko-suke Kindaichi series" branding, this release is sadly the same as its 1993 counterpart, without any additional content added. This is particularly sad as there is some content left off this release, such as a vocal version of the "Queen Bee of Love" sung by Mikio Tsukada that was part of another CD release, Kosuke Kindaichi's Adventures: Special Edition (KICA-3034).
Rating: Star Rating
  1. Queen Bee Theme
  2. Yueqin Village
  3. Tomoko's Theme: Queen Bee of Love
  4. Akaikeitonotama
  5. A Father's Grave
  6. To Kyoto
  7. Tetsuzo's Theme: Sea of Gray
  8. Love and Hate
  9. Hideko's Theme: Closed Thought
  10. Forbidden Relationship
  11. One Photograph
  12. A Tea Party Smeared with Blood
  13. Kosuke Kindaichi's Day
  14. Clock Tower
  15. Will