The Great Prophecies of Nostradamus: Catastrophe 1999
International Title
 Prophecies of Nostradamus
Music By: Isao Tomita
Record Label: VAP
Running Time: 73:05 Discs: 1
Release: October 1996 CD Number: VPCD-81173
Anthony Romero
I will make it no secret that Isao Tomita's score for the 1974 disaster movie Prophecies of Nostradamus is one of my favorite soundtracks of all time. The music worked well in the feature film, but arguably works even better as a stand alone experience.

Although many of the movie's cues are very enjoyable, the "Main Title" in particular is simply brilliant, featuring light chorus work and drumming that work to create both an energetic yet very foreboding theme. The score's true standout piece, though, is the "New Guinea Expedition" that has a wonderful "big band" type of feel to it. "Hell on Earth" is another nice track, although more notably for how grim and appropriate it sounds for that scene in the movie. A couple of tracks do miss their mark here, such as "Cannibalism," but the score as a whole more than overcompensates for this. The soundtrack is a very contemporary one though, utilizing synthesizers and some subtle guitar work, so it isn't for everyone; however, for those who already have a taste for music from this decade they will more than likely be enamored by Tomita's wonderful score.

This release from VAP is a real gem too, as it features around 19 minutes of extra material, mostly focusing on the vastly different non-synthesized cues. These tracks are especially valuable as they weren't included in the company's 2001 Toho SFX Champion Festival set. It should also be noted that the booklet for this release is abnormally large at 24 pages, as it covers the banned feature film in good depth before diving into previous vinyl releases and a thorough rundown of the tracks.

Overall, Tomita created a fairly dated yet otherworldly score for the 1970's disaster movie. While the score might not be for everyone's tastes, its most assuredly an unforgettable and enjoyable soundtrack.
Rating: Star Rating
  1. Toho Logo - Five Years in the Kaei Era (M1)
  2. Seven Years in the Kaei Era - The Black Ship Arrives (M2)
  3. Poetic Prediction of Defeat (M3)
  4. Main Title (Theme · M4)
  5. Bar Lesson BGM (M5-T2)
  6. Environmental Pollution (M6)
  7. "Many Centuries" (M7)
  8. Debate - Invasion of the Red Tide (M8)
  9. On the Moonlit Shore (M9)
  10. United Couple (M10)
  11. Kida's Wailing (M11)
  12. Modern Ballet BGM - Akira's Hallucination (M13)
  13. Subway Disaster - Mutation (M14)
  14. Nishiyama's Warning (M15)
  15. Abnormal Weather (M16)
  16. New Guinea Expedition (M17)
  17. Giant Animal Raid (M18)
  18. Cannibalism (M19 Synthesizer Mix)
  19. Mad Demon (M20)
  20. The Cave of the Living Dead (M21)
  21. Hell on Earth - Burial (M22)
  22. Omen of the End (M23)
  23. From Mother to Daughter (M24)
  24. Under a Cherry Tree in Full Bloom - Car Radio BGM (M25)
  25. The Death of Young People (M26 Synthesizer Mix)
  26. Rioters (M27)
  27. The Death of a Loved One (M28 Synthesizer Mix)
  28. Mirage (M29)
  29. Eternal Life (M30 Synthesizer Mix)
  30. Fear of Radioactivity (M31)
  31. The Last Nuclear War (M32)
  32. Silenced World (M33)
  33. A Prayer for the Future - Ending (M34)

    Bonus Tracks · Alternate Takes
  34. Bar Lesson BGM · Alternate Take (M5-T1)
  35. Cannibalism · No Synthesizer (M19)
  36. The Death of Young People · No Synthesizer (M26)
  37. The Death of a Loved One · No Synthesizer (M28)
  38. Eternal Life · No Synthesizer (M30)
  39. Love Theme · Mono Version of the Unedited Ending

    Toho Record Single (Stereo)
  40. Main Theme
  41. Love Theme