Princess Mononoke - Soundtrack
International Title
 Princess Mononoke
Music By: Joe Hisaishi
Record Label: Tokuma Japan Communications
Running Time: 63:10 Discs: 1
Release: July 1997 CD Number: TKCA-71168
Anthony Romero
Often hailed as Joe Hisaishi's crowning achievement, and with good reason. The composer struck gold with his score for the 1997 box office hit, as Hisaishi not only crafted a number of themes that would be instantly recognizable, but also a solid body of work overall for the film. His best composition here, though, is arguably the "Legend of Ashitaka" theme, which succeeds at that rare feat of being both soothing and energetic. As for this release, Tokuma's disc is actually the best of the numerous soundtracks for the film. Unlike Milan Records' CD that was released in the states, this disc actually contains the vocal version of the "Princess Mononoke" theme (track #20), which is why this disc runs three minutes longer than its American counterpart. However, is this one track worth shelling out the $15 extra for the Tokuma disc over the US release? Probably not, although it's worth noting none the same.
Rating: Star Rating
  1. Legend of Ashitaka
  2. The Demon God
  3. The Journey to the West
  4. Demon Power
  5. Land of the Impure
  6. The Encounter
  7. Kodamas
  8. Forest of the Gods
  9. Evening at the Tatara Camp
  10. The Demon God 2 - The Lost Mountains
  11. Lady Eboshi
  12. Tatara Women Work Song
  13. The Furies
  14. Young Man from the East
  15. Requiem
  16. Will to Live
  17. The Two in the Forest of the Deer
  18. Princess Mononoke (Instrumental)
  19. Requiem 2
  20. Princess Mononoke (Vocal)
  21. Battle Drums
  22. Battle in Front of Tatara Camp
  23. Demon Power 2
  24. Requiem 3
  25. Retreat
  26. The Demon God 3
  27. Adagio of Life and Death
  28. World of the Dead
  29. World of the Dead 2
  30. Adagio of Life and Death 2
  31. Ashitaka and San
  32. Princess Mononoke (Vocal Ending)
  33. Legend of Ashitaka (Ending)