Porco Rosso
International Title
 Porco Rosso
Music By: Joe Hisaishi
Record Label: Tokuma Japan Communications
Running Time: 49:02 Discs: 1
Release: May 1997 CD Number: TKCA-71156
Anthony Romero
This is a reissue of an older soundtrack, TKCA-30596, likely done to capitalize on the then upcoming Princess Mononoke (1997). For those familiar with the score, this 1992 entry from maestro Joe Hisaishi is a wonderful body of work. It conveys both a sense of energy, with fun and light-hearted themes, while also bringing forth several more soothing pieces as well.

On the light-hearted side, there are cues such as the wonderful, tuba-led "Flying Boatmen". A very memorable theme, which perfectly conveys the rather klutzy nature of the air pirates its meant to represent. "Winds of Time: When a Person Could be a Person" is another great theme, working well as both a carefree piece and one that is more action oriented as well. "Piccolo Women", which successfully captures a sense of the Italian local without doing so in a clichéd manner, is also a remarkable and enduring cue from this release.

On the soothing side, there are themes such as "Lost Spirit", "The Bygone Days", and "Porco e Bella". Despite sounding very different from the more bubbly cues that profligate this soundtrack, they still somehow feel at home amongst them. All of these are also piano heavy pieces, playing up to Hisaishi's incredible strength in regards to the instrument. "Crazy - Flight", yet another wonderful cue, is also worth mentioning. This one does sound a bit out of place, which is probably because it's stock. It's an incredible theme, mostly comprised of piano work, and comes from an album Hisaishi released earlier in 1992 called My Lost City.

Overall, this is another solid release by Hisaishi. Anyone who is a fan of his work, or the movie, owes it to themselves to hunt down this release, or the earlier one done in 1992.
Rating: Star Rating
  1. Winds of Time: When a Person Could be a Person
  2. Mamma Auito
  3. Addio!
  4. The Bygone Days
  5. Sepia Photos
  6. Serbia march
  7. Flying Boatmen
  8. Doom: Cloud Trap
  9. Porco e Bella
  10. Fio-Seventeen
  11. Piccolo Women
  12. Friend
  13. Partnership
  14. Crazy - Flight
  15. To the Adriatic Sea
  16. In Search of a Distant Era
  17. Love at the First Sight of Wildness
  18. At the End of Summer
  19. Lost Spirit
  20. Dog Fight
  21. Porco e Bella - Ending
  22. The Time of Cherries
    By: Tokiko Kato
  23. Sometimes, Talk of Yesterday
    By: Tokiko Kato