Porco Rosso - Image Album
International Title
 Porco Rosso
Music By: Joe Hisaishi
Record Label: Tokuma Japan Communications
Running Time: 41:18 Discs: 1
Release: May 1997 CD Number: TKCA-71155
Anthony Romero
This is a lacking "Image Album" done for the 1992 animated film Porco Rosso. For those unfamiliar with these types of releases, and I'm sure many aren't as I don't see it explained very often, "Image Album"s are a collection of outtakes for the film's score. They are composed before the movie is complete, usually on a much smaller scale then the final orchestrations. Their name comes from the fact that they are done using images from the storyboards as reference.

The one for Porco Rosso by Joe Hisaishi is pretty standard for one of these releases as well. It's a short album, at only a little over forty minutes, while hearing a lot of these themes with the smaller orchestra tends to just get one interested in hearing the final soundtrack. A couple of these themes do still work quite well here, such as the magnificent "The Piccolo Company" and the "Dabohaze"; however, some of them falter pretty badly, especially the extremely repetitive "The Great Depression" and synthesized "Playing War", which, thankfully, didn't translate over to the final score.

Like other "Image Album"s, particularly the ones for the Hayao Miyazaki films, these are generally more regarded by collectors than the actual soundtracks due to the fact that they go out of print. This is in contrast to the final scores to these productions which, due to popularity, remain in heavy circulation. At least in theory, although some of these "Image Album"s can hang around for quite a while after their first printing due to the demand being fairly weak. Regardless, most will be more than satisfied with the main release and not need to bother with this one. If someone truly loves the score, then seeking out these different arrangements might be suggestible, but more casual listeners hoping to hear some of Hisaishi's wonderful themes from the movie should certainly check out the 23 track main release instead.
Rating: Star Rating
  1. A Blue Sky in the Adriatic Sea
  2. An Era of Adventuring Aviators
  3. Crimson Wings
  4. Savior of the Sea of Clouds
  5. The Piccolo Company
  6. Playing War
  7. Dabohaze
  8. Adriano's Window
  9. The Great Depression
  10. Marco and Gina's Theme