Pocket Monsters: The Wishing Star of Seven Nights - Music Collection
International Title
 Pokémon: Jirachi Wish Maker
Music By: Shinji Miyazaki
Record Label: Media Factory
Running Time: 52:09 Discs: 1
Release: July 2003 CD Number: ZMCP-1579
Anthony Romero
Media Factory's soundtrack to the 2003 Pokémon film is a little more packed with content then they have been in the past, while series stable Shinji Miyazaki's compositions are quite enjoyable. My first reaction to this score was one of disappointment, but the themes quickly grew on me. There is enough old material reworked from earlier scores to give the disc a familiar flavor, such as "Avant - Pocket Monsters World" and "Avant - Satoshi and Friends". The new themes, particularly the fantastic "Final Battle!!", are real standouts, though. This makes the main feature's score one of the best in the series, although the disc is held back slightly by the less rousing music done by Akifumi Tada for the Gotta Dance!! short that opens the CD.

In regards to the songs, the disc is an incredibly mixed bag. In terms of the two done for the short feature Gotta Dance!!, they are fairly awful. The first is done by Inuko Inuyama, the voice of Meowth, and while Inuyama has always been consistent in her line delivery, adding a comedic quality to the character with her high pitched performance, it translates horribly into spoken verse, resulting in a rather unpleasant experience. The other song for this short is titled "The Start of an Adventure!!" and is done by Kaori Suzuki, the voice actress for Haruka (May in the US version). Unfortunately, there is a saying that too much of anything isn't good for someone, and the song starts off with such a cute delivery in Kaori's voice that it really manages to hit that "lethal level". It will really take a strong stomach to weather it I'm afraid.

On the flip side is the song done for the main feature called "Small Things", which is often the most talked about aspect of this release. To that point, I must admit it's a pretty amazing song. The fact that singer Asuca Hayashi was only thirteen years old when she recorded this is quite a feat, to the point where it's almost unbelievable. Suffice to say, this five minute track, which is great throughout its duration, is one of the best vocal tracks in the series.

Rounding out the disc is an Acoustic Version of "Advance Adventure" by Garden, which has a slow tempo to it and ends up being fairly pleasant to hear. Overall, this soundtrack has its ups and downs, but there are more than enough positive aspects about it to give the disc a solid recommendation to series fans.
Rating: Star Rating
    Gotta Dance!!
    By: Akifumi Tada
  1. Beginning
  2. "Polka O Dolka" (Movie Version)
    By: Inuko Inuyama
  3. It's a Rescue!?
  4. Secret Base? - Team Rocket's Theme
  5. Infiltration!
  6. Activity!
  7. "Polka O Dolka" Melody
  8. Great Escape
  9. Crisis
  10. Great Escape 2
  11. "The Start of an Adventure!!"
    By: Kaori Suzuki

    Pokémon: Jirachi Wish Maker
  12. Avant - Pocket Monsters World
  13. Avant - Groudon's Theme
  14. Avant - Satoshi and Friends
  15. Theatrical Pocket Monsters - 2003 Title Theme
  16. Advance Adventure - The Journey Continues
  17. Traveling Carnival
  18. Magic Show
  19. Masato's Feelings
  20. Carnival
  21. Millennium Comet
  22. Jirachi Appears
  23. Jirachi's Power
  24. Masato and Jirachi
  25. Faunsu
  26. Diane's Feeling
  27. Advance Adventure - To Faunsu!!
  28. Masato's Feeling
  29. Separation
  30. Butler's Theme
  31. Rescue Jirachi!
  32. Flygon Emerges
  33. Final Battle!!
  34. Small Things - Nursing Song
  35. Small Things
    By: Asuca Hayashi

    Bonus Track
  36. Advance Adventure (Acoustic Version)
    By: Garden