Pocket Monsters: Phantom Lugia's Explosion - Original Soundtrack
International Title
 Pokémon: Revelation Lugia
Music By: Shinji Miyazaki
Record Label: Media Factory
Running Time: 33:35 Discs: 1
Release: August 1999 CD Number: ZMCP-1007
Anthony Romero
This disc is one of the few soundtracks that can actually get away with a runtime of only a little over half an hour, because the music is simply that good. For only his second theatrical score in the franchise, composer Shinji Miyazaki really hits it out of the park with a fantastic score for the film.

The CD starts off strong with the triumphant return of the "Theatrical Pocket Monsters Title Theme", which is now established as a franchise norm in a tradition that would carry through more than a decade later. One thing that is abnormal about this score compared to others in the series, though, is that this disc features a lot of songs on it. Still, one would be hard pressed not to enjoy the over the top "I'm a Collector" song done by actor Takeshi Kaga (which was not used in the film) or the movie's end theme "You and Me" (aka "Toi Et Moi") done by Namie Amuro, which seven years later still remains one of my favorite Japanese pop songs. Those looking for some more classic compositional work also have some tracks to look forward to, especially since composer Shinji Miyazaki does not fall back on using primarily stock themes like he had for Pokémon: Mewtwo Strikes Back (1998). Miyazaki's star attraction on this release, and a career high for the composer, is easily "Jiraldan's Theme", a very foreboding track with heavy chorus work that sounds far too ominous for one to picture the music attached to a Pokémon movie. Unfortunately, this soundtrack is not complete, and is missing some key themes from the movie including the more upbeat cue that plays when the heroes are rafting their way across the river of ice. Considering its short runtime, it's anyone's guess why some of the themes were left off as there was more than enough room to accommodate them.

Bottom line, short runtime or not, this score belongs in all Pokémon fans soundtrack collection, featuring both great orchestrated themes and vocal songs.
Rating: Star Rating
  1. Theatrical Pocket Monsters Title Theme
  2. Rival! (Full Size)
    By: Rica Matsumoto
  3. Jiraldan's Theme
  4. I'm a Collector
    By: Takeshi Kaga
  5. Flura's Flute
  6. Endless World
    By: Hiramatsu Akiko
  7. Thunder Enters!
  8. Thanks to Everyone
    By: Rika Matsumoto
  9. Escape!
  10. The Planet's Pulse
  11. You and Me
    By: Namie Amuro, Composer: Tetsuya Komuro