Phoenix 2772
International Title
 Phoenix 2772

Music By: Yasuo Higuchi
Record Label: Columbia

Running Time: 46:24 Discs: 1
Release: August 2004 CD Number: COCC-72077
Columbia's release of the soundtrack for the 1980 Taku Sugiyama and Osamu Tezuka animated feature. Like other discs from the company, this soundtrack is attractively priced, at least in terms of Japanese albums, at under $15. Unfortunately, Yasuo Higuchi's score for the feature isn't the most riveting and doesn't translate incredibly well as a stand-alone experience. It's not horrible by any stretch, of course, as there are some pleasant pieces here utilizing violins; however, there isn't any real memorable cue from the film, save perhaps "Destruction" (track 12), or much to prompt one to place the disc in their player after the initial listen. Still fans of the anime feature will likely enjoy this regardless, and Columbia's price point makes this title easy to get on an impulse for those familiar with the movie.
- Anthony Romero 
  1. Prologue ~ Birth
  2. Trials
  3. She
  4. Adulthood
  5. Love and Suffering
  6. The Evils of the World
  7. In Search of Salvation
  8. The Merry Bunch
  9. The Encounter
  10. The Power of Love
  11. Return to the Earth
  12. Destruction
  13. Death
  14. Rebirth