Yin-Yang Master - Original Soundtrack
International Title

Music By: Shigeru Umebayashi
Record Label: BMG

Running Time: 63:01 Discs: 1
Release: August 2001 CD Number: BVCR-11035
The soundtrack for the 2001 movie Onmyoji, featuring music done by Shigeru Umebayashi. As a stand alone experience, the disc makes for a fairly good listen. Granted, a lot of the music isn't particularly memorable, and the "Spirit Exchange Ritual" track is certainly not for everyone; however, there are some very good themes here none the same, with the most memorable one being the "Sword of Anger" cue that was later reused in the movie's sequel. Unfortunately, the soundtrack isn't quite complete, missing some cues like the "stare off" music when Seimei and Doson first meet. However, at 63 minutes, this CD is still pretty full, while the two extra cues, "Sonic Prayer" and "Depth of Mind", are fairly good remixes of themes used in the movie.

As a side note, the cover features artwork by estimeed artist Yoshitaka Amano, famous for his work on Final Fantasy VI and Vampire Hunter D (1985). It's a great image featuring Siemei and Mitsumushi.
- Anthony Romero 
  1. Yin-Yang Master Main Theme
  2. One Line of Verse
  3. Opening I
  4. Opening II
  5. Encounter
  6. Exchanging Curses
  7. Aone's Destiny
  8. The Fire Arrow of the Flower
  9. Spell Behind a Name
  10. Doson's Insanity
  11. Prayer
  12. Royalty of the Full Moon
  13. Evil Spirit's Descent
  14. Sword of Anger
  15. Duel at the Capital I
  16. Seimei's Tears
  17. Doson's Strategy
  18. Cursed Dolls
  19. Princess Sukehime's Resentment
  20. Duel at the Capital II
  21. Passing Away
  22. Capital of Darkness
  23. Spirit Exchange Ritual
  24. Namanari
  25. Five-Pointed Star
  26. Mitsumushi
  27. Garden of Divination
  28. Sonic Prayer
  29. Depth of Mind