Incoming Call: Final
International Title
 One Missed Call: Final
Music By: Koji Endo
Record Label: Epic Records
Running Time: 37:35 Discs: 1
Release: June 2006 CD Number: ESCL-2836
Anthony Romero
Koji Endo, who composed the scores for the previous two films in the series, returns to create the soundtrack for the "final" entry in the horror trilogy. For this particular CD, Endo does an admirable job in creating a very atmospheric and sometimes haunting score. Some of these themes are very foreboding and slightly low key, such as the first track "Mess(a)ge", yet to Endo's credit they are still satisfying as a standalone experience, unlike a lot of horror soundtracks. One of the standout themes off this disc, and one of the more chilling, would be the "Ech(o)" track that builds up to an almost scream-like shrill in the audio that oddly works even as a standalone affair. A select few of these themes are faster paced, such as "(M)ail", and the transition between the slower tempo pieces and the more action based feels very natural instead of awkward. "Re(q)uiem", one of the last tracks by Endo, is one of my personal favorites off this release. The cue is a standout attraction for walking a thin line between a theme that could qualify as sad or tragic, yet slightly unnerving at the same time.

In terms of the work done by other composers, Jyunichi Matsuda provides the last track on this disc, which is surprisingly energetic in terms of its tempo. It ends up being one of the better themes off this disc, and certainly one of the more memorable as it sounds closer to an action theme for a trailer than the typical horror motifs. The other theme done by a different composer is the "Break a (S)pell" track by Toshiko Ezaki, which is a nice soothing melody that sounds very similar to Koji Endo's work on the disc.

Overall, of the three soundtracks in this series, the trilogy's finale is easily the most memorable. There are a number of nice tracks on this release, if one is into atmospheric music, as the CD is a good release that had potential to be great if only the runtime was a little longer.
Rating: Star Rating
  1. Mess(a)ge
  2. A(b)erration
  3. A (C)urse
  4. Sen(d) On
  5. D(e)ath
  6. In(f)ection
  7. The Ori(g)in
  8. Child(h)ood
  9. V(i)bration
  10. (J)arring
  11. (K)ey
  12. Si(l)ence
  13. (M)ail
  14. Mad(n)ess
  15. Ech(o)
  16. (P)anic
  17. Re(q)uiem
  18. T(r)uth
  19. Break a (S)pell (Omoideno Sugusobade Strings Version)
    Composer: Toshiko Ezaki
  20. (T)he Final - Ringtone of Death
    Composer: Jyunichi Matsuda