Incoming Call 2 - Original Soundtrack
International Title
 One Missed Call 2
Music By: Koji Endo
Record Label: Sony Music Records
Running Time: 43:58 Discs: 1
Release: February 2005 CD Number: SRCL-5879
Anthony Romero
Horror films tend to have a stigma for featuring soundtracks that work poorly as a stand alone experience, a mantra that, sadly, fits this soundtrack to a T. Koji Endo, a veteran composer of the horror genre, has some good scores under his belt, but just seems to miss the mark here. The biggest sin of the soundtrack for One Missed Call 2 is simply the lack of any real standout themes. In fact, about the only noteworthy tracks on this disc are all related to "A Prayer of Love" by Aki, which, to its credit, does work well both as a instrumental piece and as the original song, which is fairly soothing and sampled at the end. However, the rest of the tracks tend to just fade into the background when one is listening. The few that do seem to draw attention to themselves, primarily do so for all the wrong reasons. Track 10 for example, "July 8th, 17:37", has an exotic, middle eastern like feeling to it (let's ignore that it's attached to Taiwan in the movie), but just fails to sound pleasant while it quickly fades back into the quiet and faint style of music that fills the rest of the disc. Track 7 is another oddity on this disc, as it builds and builds... only to cut out at around the one minute mark. It's intentional, but very disorienting when one listens to it while removed from the events in the movie.

Overall, it's just a very forgettable soundtrack, with its only truly redeeming quality being the last track by Aki at the end, which isn't even the entire song.
Rating: Star Rating
  1. July 7th, 16:00
  2. It's cold...in here...
    By: Eikai Miyahara
  3. July 7th, 17:30
  4. July 7th, 20:00
  5. July 7th, 22:11
  6. July 8th, 02:24
  7. July 8th, 04:42
  8. July 8th, 12:20
  9. July 8th, 14:49
  10. July 8th, 17:37
  11. July 8th, 19:02
  12. A Prayer of Love (Piano Instrumental)
  13. July 9th, 03:55
  14. July 9th, 10:59
  15. July 9th, 12:00
  16. July 9th, 13:41
  17. July 9th, 20:06
  18. July 9th, 23:27
  19. July 10th, 05:33
  20. July 10th, 06:30
  21. A Prayer of Love (Strings Instrumental)
  22. July 11th, 15:09
  23. July 11th, 17:55
  24. July 11th, 19:05
  25. A Prayer of Love (Short Version)
    By: Aki