No Worries on the Recruit Front - Original Soundtrack
International Title
 No Worries on the Recruit Front
Music By: Kow Otani
Record Label: WEA
Running Time: 56:49 Discs: 1
Release: June 1991 CD Number: WMC3-11
Anthony Romero
This early 1990's soundtrack by composer Kow Otani is certainly a lively, to the say the least, collection of music. The score has a very unorthodox style to it, which will likely be hit or miss with some. The standout cue on this disc is the theme "Job Hunting", which sounds like it would have almost been more at home in a Sonic the Hedgehog or 1080° Snowboarding game. The track's slightly repetitive nature coupled with simplistic orchestration that is aided by electronic music gives the theme a video game like flavor, yet the theme's upbeat tempo makes it a fairly pleasant experience. This is especially crucial given that a modified version of the theme also appears on track 11, meaning that almost 20% of this CD is comprised of this theme as each clocks in at over five minutes in length. "Ain't Nothing Wrong" also has this video game style vibe to it. Likewise, due to a fast tempo and upbeat pacing the track is also pretty enjoyable. The disc is uneven in some places, though, particularly the slow paced "Mariko" cue which tends to long outlive its welcome during its four minute runtime. "MM-h" is another of these themes that tend to miss their mark, as it's a very low key cue that just doesn't work well as a stand alone experience.

As for the song "At What Time" by Makihara Noriyuki, it's not bad although isn't particularly memorable all the same. It's definitely feels like a standard 1990's pop song, that's for sure, although it is nice to have two different versions of the melody here, one with more contemporary background music and the other with an orchestra playing in the background.

Overall, the CD isn't great, but its unorthodox and diverse collection of themes should appeal to some, particularly those looking for more of Otani's earlier work.
Rating: Star Rating
  1. At What Time
    By: Makihara Noriyuki
  2. Job Hunting
  3. Walkin'
  4. Playin' it a Cool
  5. Ain't Nothing Wrong
  6. Mariko
  7. MM-h
  8. Moonlight Adagio
  9. You're Mine Tonight
  10. All Alone
  11. Job Hunting (Part II)
  12. At What Time (Ballade Version)
    By: Makihara Noriyuki