Lupin the 3rd: Go to Hell Nostradamus! - Original Soundtrack
International Title
 Lupin the 3rd: Farewell to Nostradamus
Music By: Yuji Ono
Record Label: VAP
Running Time: 59:03 Discs: 1
Release: July 1995 CD Number: VPCG-84254
Anthony Romero
Another score from the Lupin series, which also means another from the series' staple composer: Yuji Ono. Unfortunately, this soundtrack is kind of a miss from Ono. It tends to be dominated by saxophone work that's generally set to a slow tempo; consequently, it lacks a energetic big band type of feel that one would get with a larger ensemble, while it also doesn't craft many soothing cues either, and instead paves an awkward middle road that doesn't work very well as a stand alone experience. To be fair, there aren't any particularly bad themes here, just a score that is by the large flaccid in its experience. The general exception to this, though, is the first theme off the disc, which is the 1989 version of the always riveting Lupin Theme. Now this certainly isn't the best rendering of the theme, I tend to prefer the 1970's version overall, but it still makes for a pleasant listen, especially the first minute or so of the four minute cue. The other track off this disc worth mentioning is the very pleasant ending song "A Continuation of Love" by Iori Sakagami. Granted, the guitar work in this song is kind of a odd mix with the mostly soothing vocal work, but there isn't much of it and Sakagami's song ends up making for a good listen if you're in the mood. Overall, this soundtrack is fairly hard to suggest unless one is a huge fan of the Lupin series, and even then a number of other soundtracks in the long running series would be much more suggested purchases over this one.
Rating: Star Rating
  1. Theme from Lupin III '89
  2. Zenigata's Test of Strength
  3. First Class Contact
  4. Hijack
  5. High-Tech Tower · Earth Building
  6. Aiming for the Vault Room
  7. Prediction Execution Squad
  8. Sky Gate
  9. At Execution Island
  10. Keepsake of Philippe
  11. Young Sergio
  12. Warming Up... Lift Off
  13. If You Want
  14. Chris' Plan
  15. Tanya Disappears
  16. The Great Prophecy for the End of the Century
  17. Move Out
  18. Infiltrating 1,000M Above Ground
  19. The Women Stand Now
  20. Aim for the Top Loot
  21. Genocide Shot
  22. Julia
  23. Chaser
  24. Disheartened Police Inspector
  25. Eye Incantation
  26. Raizuly's Miscalculation
  27. The High-Tech Tower Crumbles
  28. Welcome to the Play Room
  29. Linear Bathtub Coaster
  30. Smoke Scorched Sky
  31. A Continuation of Love
    By: Iori Sakagami