Lupin the 3rd: Lupin vs. the Clone - Music File
International Title
 Lupin the 3rd: The Mystery of Mamo
Music By: Yuji Ono
Record Label: Columbia
Running Time: 73:25 Discs: 1
Release: November 2003 CD Number: COCX-32440
Anthony Romero
The first theatrical, animated Lupin film unites series regular composer Yuji Ono with the franchise that made him famous. Fans of the show should enjoy the movie's score, which feels like a natural extension of the TV show's themes (to the point it uses a few stock themes), but general soundtrack fans will probably have a more modest take with a body of work that is merely okay at best.

First, the score is, much like Yuji Ono's other work, very dated with a distinct 1970's flavor, complete with a lot of jazz and synth work. When the score works, it really works, and the best track off the disc is easily the "Lupin the 3rd '79" theme, which at the time was the current show's opening title theme. Sadly, the bulk of the score is forgettable, featuring very short cues or ones that don't really leave much of an impression. This includes tracks like the experimental "Guidance to Death" with synth and flute work, but more to the point "The Path to a World of Evil" which feels like a random string of instruments playing together for a Riichiro Manabe-like misfire. I don't want to be too hard on the score as there are decent themes here such as the more sad "Zenigata's March Variation (March D)", which had a slightly better version featured in Lupin the 3rd: The Castle of Cagliostro (1979), but this is not a particularly great entry from composer Ono all the same.

Overall, series fans should enjoy how well the score gels with the show's soundtrack of the time, adapting several of the TV show's cues such as Zenigata's theme, while more causal fans would be advised to stick with the later Lupin musical entries.

As a side note, much like their Lupin the 3rd: The Castle of Cagliostro (COCX-32227) release, the track titles here are a little lacking. Where as the Cagliostro release was lacking for its use of cue titles only in the alternate takes, this one just feels like a real lazy title job. Look no further than three tracks all called "Zenigata's March Variation" back-to-back with only different cue numbers to go with them, or the very strange "I Am Immortal Part" parts being out of order as well.
Rating: Star Rating
  1. Lupin Was Alive (M1)
  2. Lupin the 3rd '79 (TV Size/Opening 80")
  3. Philosopher's Stone (M18)
  4. Zenigata's March Variation (M5-T2)
  5. Super Hero Variation (M7)
  6. Fujiko (M8)
  7. Lupin the 3rd Love Theme (M9)
  8. Love Squall (M10)
  9. Lupin Ondo Variation (Ondo B)
  10. Guidance to Death (M13-T2)
  11. Full Energy Sprint (M15-T2)
  12. Lupin the 3rd's Theme Variation (M19-T2)
  13. Dangerous Zone (Karaoke)
  14. Trap in the Dark 2 (Lupin the 3rd 1977 M18)
  15. Fued (M4)
  16. Burning Water (M24)
  17. Endless Desert (M23 Slow)
  18. Humiliation (M4 Short)
  19. Exhausted Lupin (M100-T2)
  20. Coliseum (M29-T5)
  21. Footprints of Evil (M29A-T2)
  22. The Lost Road (M101B)
  23. Wild Crisis (Lupin the 3rd·2 Short Version)
  24. I Am Immortal Part 1 (Harp Only T2)
  25. Analyzing the Philosopher's Stone (M37)
  26. Mamo's Preference (M43)
  27. Zenigata's March Variation (M44-T2)
  28. Zenigata's March Variation (March D)
  29. Zenigata's March Variation (M44B)
  30. I Am Immortal Part 4 (M53)
  31. I Am Immortal Part 2 (M55)
  32. To Recapture (M57-T2)
  33. I Am Immortal Part 5 (M59 Harp DB)
  34. Wild Crisis (M30-T2)
  35. The Big Dash (M61)
  36. Light Ray (M63-T2)
  37. Mamo Burns (Synthesizer and Solina)
  38. Death Throes of Mamo (M23)
  39. I Am the Original (M66-T2)
  40. The Path to a World of Evil (M67-T3)
  41. Lupin the 3rd's Theme (M69-T3)
  42. Lupin Ondo Variation (Lupin Ondo)

  43. Unused Themes
  44. I Am Immortal Part 3 (M34)
  45. Playing with Dreams: Love Squall (M27)
  46. Tornado: Theme of Jigen Daisuke (M104)
  47. Utopia (M105Fl)
  48. Hop Step Skip Avenue (M102)
  49. Sunset in the Desert (M21)
  50. To the Oasis (M106B)