The Lovin' Spoonful - What's Up, Tiger Lily? and You're A Big Boy Now
International Title
Music By: The Lovin' Spoonful
Record Label: Razor & Tie
Running Time: 57:21 Discs: 1
Release: July 1998 CD Number: RE-2167-2
Anthony Romero
This disc contains the soundtracks to two movies that were scored by The Lovin' Spoonful in the mid-1960's. The first is Woody Allen's What's Up, Tiger Lily?, the heavily redubbed and edited version of Key of Keys (1965), and the second is Francis Ford Coppola's You're A Big Boy Now. If you are a fan of the group, this will probably be a great album to pick up, although for others it's not incredibly memorable.

Starting from the top, the disc begins with the introduction into what What's Up, Tiger Lily? is all about as the audio track of Woody Allen's intro from the film is included, discussing how AIP purchased Key of Keys (1965) from Toho (although not stated directly) and the procedure behind turning the film into a comedy. Following this is the first vocal track on the album, and the first by The Lovin' Spoonful, in the form of "Pow!". This is probably the standout theme from this disc, as the folk song has a very contagious and energetic beat to it. The second song for this movie is "Fishin' Blues" which, while not bad, isn't particularly stellar either. The last song is the more soft spoken "Respoken", which is more casual and soothing than the others and not bad in that sense. In regards to the non-vocal work, it's serviceable, with a few cues being karaoke versions of the songs, but mostly unremarkable. "Lookin' to Spy" is a nice track, though, which feels perfectly like old fashioned lounge music. In general, though, it doesn't fair all that well as a stand alone experience.

The second half of the disc, dedicated to You're A Big Boy Now, tends to be the anti-thesis to the first half. Here, the non-vocal work tends to be superior to the songs, such as the title one "You're A Big Boy Now". "Letter to Barbara" is particularly nice, and really is the only theme on the entire disc that sounds like what one would normally expect to hear from a traditional soundtrack given its use of violins. Sadly, this portion of the CD also features the abysmal "Wash Her Away", which has a rather obnoxious scream played over and over again until the song kicks in a little too late to save the track.

Overall, this is an interesting contemporary release, but one that doesn't command a strong recommendation for casual fans. I have always had a soft spot for "Pow!", and it is a really infectious track, but the rest of the CD is kind of a miss unless someone is already a fan of the group.

As a side note, this collection has been re-released several times, both in different countries and this release in particular as recent as 2008. Most of these are similar, with the exception of BMG's release in Japan, which just has the What's Up, Tiger Lily? content remastered without any of the tracks from You're A Big Boy Now.
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    What's Up, Tiger Lily?
  1. Introduction to Flick
    By: Woody Allen & Lenny Maxwell
  2. Pow!
  3. Gray Prison Blues
  4. Pow Revisited
  5. Unconscious Minute
  6. Fishin' Blues
  7. Respoken
  8. Cool Million
  9. Speakin' of Spoken
  10. Lookin' to Spy
  11. Phil's Love Theme
  12. End Title

    You're A Big Boy Now
  13. You're A Big Boy Now
  14. Lonely (Amy's Theme)
  15. Wash Her Away (From the Discothedque)
  16. Kite Chase
  17. Try and Be Happy
  18. Peep Show Percussion
  19. Girl, Beautiful Girl (Barbara's Theme)
  20. Darling Be Home Soon
  21. Dixieland Big Boy
  22. Letter to Barbara
  23. Barbara's Theme (From the Discotheque)
  24. Miss Thing's Thang
  25. March
  26. Finale