Madame White Snake
International Title
 The Legend of the White Serpent
Music By: Ikuma Dan
Record Label: SLC
Running Time: 77:06 Discs: 1
Release: November 1995 CD Number: SLCS-5068
Anthony Romero
Released under SLC's "Toho Science Fiction Cult Movie" line, the full soundtrack to the Japanese and Hong Kong production of The Legend of the White Serpent is a real treat for those who might enjoy the slightly dated approach to soundtrack music.

Composed by Ikuma Dan, the score is very distinct for its excessive use of the musical saw and the vocal songs inter spliced in the music, which were done by the lead actress and singer Shirley Yamaguchi. The themes in general are very pleasant to listen to as Dan uses a musical style that harks back to the film scores of the late 1930's and 40's. In fact, a number of comparisons have been made to other soundtracks of that period, including the work of the late Disney composer Leigh Harline who is famous for movies such as Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. Chances are good that Dan was actually going for a more charming and whimsical score to match this adaptation of the Chinese fairy tale of "The Legend of the White Serpent", which is where the international title comes from. To this effect, Dan gives an excellent performance as nearly the entire soundtrack is very pleasant, beyond a few tracks that are intentionally related to strife the characters are feeling. To be honest, his work here doesn't quite capture the majesty of his amazing themes found in Hiroshi Inagaki's Samurai Trilogy or his work on The Last War (1961), although this score is still very much one of the composer's more unique offerings.

Like other releases in the "Cult" line, this CD comes with a booklet printed on thick stock paper that includes: a brief summary of each theme, production stills (black and white) and a multi-page bio on the composer. Unlike other discs in the line, though, this CD is actually packed with music as it runs for 77 minutes long.

Overall, while not the best the composer has to offer, this entry is a bit unique compared to other science fiction scores for the Toho films and is, if nothing else, memorable for that reason.
Rating: Star Rating
  1. Main Title (M1)
  2. The Encounter (M2)
  3. The Next Morning (M3)
  4. House of the White Daughter (M4)
  5. Xu Xian and the White Daughter (M5)
  6. Yearning (M5A)
  7. White Daughter's Oath (M6)
  8. Residence Search (M7)
  9. Toward Suzhou (M8)
  10. Reunion (M9)
  11. The Couple United (M10)
  12. The Person at Luyashan Pass (M11)
  13. Suspicion (M12)
  14. Conflict at Night (M13)
  15. The Couple's Love (M14)
  16. Confrontation (M15)
  17. Festive Drinking (M16)
  18. The White Daughter's True Nature (M17)
  19. Regenerating Grass (M18)
  20. Escape (M19)
  21. White Daughter's Sadness (M20)
  22. Kinzanji (M21-T2)
  23. Madame White's Witchcraft (M22)
  24. Miserable Woman (M23)
  25. Last Request (M24)
  26. Pearl of Love
  27. Ending (M25)
  28. The Beautiful White Bird
    By: Shirley Yamaguchi