Latitude Zero: Great Military Battle
International Title
 Latitude Zero

Music By: Akira Ifukube
Record Label: Toho Music

Running Time: 65:29/49:25 Discs: 2
Release: May 2006 CD Number: TSFCD-22
Toho's own two disc release of the Latitude Zero soundtrack, which was intended to capitalize on the region 2 DVD of the production that marked the first time it has ever become available on home video. In terms of the music, Akira Ifukube delivers a decent score that, surprisingly, doesn't lift much from his previous work, although some of this would end up getting edited into Godzilla vs. Gigan (1972). It's far from one of the composers stronger scores, but motifs like the "Main Title" and "Bloodrock" are still quite enjoyable. As for the presentation, Toho continues its trend of giving their CDs excellent booklets, as this set features a 22 page one that hosts a look at some old Latitude Zero memorabilia with color photos, while also carefully dissecting the differences in the Japanese soundtrack compared to the International one.

This leads into exactly how Toho choose to fill a two disc set with a score that could easily fit on one disc, as this 2006 version contains both the International and Japanese versions of the soundtrack. Unfortunately, most of the tracks between the two versions aren't so much different in terms of composition as they are in their running time lengths. Yes, most of these themes were shortened for the Japanese version, as it was edited into a shorter movie, but is that something really desirable to capture on CD? Toshiba's release in 1997 already featured the longer International version, so it seems odd to now come out with the "inferior" one. To be fair, some of the tracks in the Japanese version are different enough to warrant having, like the "Main Title" that runs more than a minute longer, along with the extended "Undersea Volcano" and "Monsters at Bloodrock". The "Leaving Latitude Zero" track is easily the most notable one, though, as it was actually removed from the International cut of the movie. However, these five cues are pretty much the only exceptions, and probably would have been better suited as bonus tracks as opposed to being featured with the complete score of the Japanese cut. Speaking of bonus material, this disc also lacks the sound effects and trailer audio that was found on the previous CD release. Yet, for some reason, the seven minute "radio drama" style track is still present, something which had more merit when the film was unavailable. In terms of additional material, though, this set does have a number of extended cues (called "repeats") not present on the 1997 CD, making this overall the superior version.

Bottom line, if one has an interest in the score and never picked up the single disc release, then don't hesitate to get this one. However, if one already owns the Toshiba release then there is very little incentive to pick this set up, as the extra CD space isn't used very effectively. It should also be mentioned that this set is sold exclusively online at Toho Music's site or Arksquare.com.

As a side note, the set offers both English and Japanese track titles for the first disc. However, several of the English titles either have grammatical errors or don't make as much sense as the Japanese ones in context, such as "Ghost Image". So we opted to use the translated Japanese ones instead, although at the same time using the English ones when the translations came out to a close proximity.
- Anthony Romero 
    Disc 1 - International Version
  1. Main Title - Latitude Zero Theme (M1-T2)
  2. The Change in the Deep Sea (M2)
  3. The Undersea Volcano (M3)
  4. The Submarine Alpha (M4)
  5. Mackenzie (M5)
  6. The 164 Year Voyage (M6)
  7. Bloodrock (M7)
  8. Blackshark Theme I (M8)
  9. Blackshark Theme II (M9)
  10. Search Missiles (M10)
  11. Projected Image (M11)
  12. The Entrance to Latitude Zero (M12)
  13. The Alpha Enters Port (M13)
  14. Latitude Zero Utopia I (M14)
  15. Latitude Zero Utopia II (M15)
  16. Latitude Zero Utopia III (M16)
  17. The Dinner of Latitude Zero (M17)
  18. The Blackshark Attacks (M18)
  19. Dr. Okada is Kidnapped (M19)
  20. The Bath of Immunity (M20)
  21. Malik and Dr. Okada (M21)
  22. The Bloodrock Trap (M22)
  23. Griffon (M23)
  24. Monsters at Bloodrock (M24)
  25. Arrival of Mackenzie (M25)
  26. Lucrecia's Last Moment (M26)
  27. The Blackshark Emerges (M27)
  28. Metal Fragments (M28)
  29. The Alpha vs. Blackshark (M29)
  30. Griffon and the Blackshark (M30)
  31. Disturbance on the Ground (M32)
  32. Finale - Latitude Zero Theme (M33)

    Bonus Tracks
  33. M1-T1 [Main Title]
  34. M17-T1 [The Dinner of Latitude Zero]
  35. The Undersea Volcano (M3 Ending Edit)
  36. Blackshark Theme (M8+M9)
  37. The Entrance to Latitude Zero (M12 Edit)
  38. Latitude Zero Utopia II (M15 Repeat)
  39. Latitude Zero Utopia III (M16 Repeat)
  40. Monsters at Bloodrock (M24 Edit)
  41. The Alpha in Flight (M29A)

    Disc 2 - Japanese Version
  1. Main title (M1-T2 Edit)
  2. The Change in the Deep Sea (M2 Edit)
  3. The Undersea Volcano (M3 Edit)
  4. The Submarine Alpha (M4 Edit)
  5. The 164 year Voyage (M6)
  6. The Blackshark Appears (M8)
  7. The Blackshark in Pursuit (M9 Edit)
  8. Search Missiles (M10 Edit)
  9. Projected Image (M11 Edit)
  10. The Entrance to Latitude Zero (M12 Edit)
  11. The Alpha Enters Port (M13 Ending Edit)
  12. Latitude Zero Utopia III (M16 Repeat)
  13. The Blackshark Attacks (M18)
  14. Dr. Okada is Kidnapped (M19)
  15. Malik and Dr. Okada (M19A)
  16. The Bath of Immunity (M20)
  17. The Bloodrock Trap (M22 Edit)
  18. Griffon (M23 Edit)
  19. Monsters at Bloodrock I (M24 Edit)
  20. Monsters at Bloodrock II (M24 Edit + M22 Edit)
  21. Mackenzie Arrives (M25 Edit)
  22. Lucrecia's Last Moment (M26)
  23. The Blackshark Emerges (M27)
  24. Metal Fragments (M28)
  25. The Alpha vs. Blackshark (M29 Edit)
  26. The Alpha in Flight (M29A Edit)
  27. Griffon and the Blackshark (M30 Edit)
  28. Leaving Latitude Zero (M31 Edit)
  29. Disturbance on the Ground (M32)
  30. Another Mackenzie (M6)
  31. Ending (M33)

    Bonus Tracks
  32. Soundtrack Single Reproduction - Latitude Zero