Kosuke Kindaichi's Adventures: Special Edition
International Title
Music By: Various
Record Label: King Records
Running Time: 73:37 Discs: 1
Release: January 2000 CD Number: KICA-3034
Anthony Romero
First off, credit goes to Robert Storch for sending this CD in for review!

Also known by the much longer title The World of Seishi Yokomizo MM Twilight Music: Kosuke Kindaichi's Adventures, this release, which is a reissue of an older LP (SKA-187) but fleshed out with a lot more content, contains music inspired by the Kosuke Kindaichi novels by Seishi Yokomizo. The music, that has no direct relation to the TV shows or movies and was recorded back in 1977 from three different composers, is very dated today, sounding right out of the time period. This is overall met with mixed results. "Kosuke Kindaichi's Theme", done by Hiroshi Takata, is one of the nicer pieces of music for those who enjoy score work from this period. A couple of the vocal supported tracks, such as "Village of 8 Gravestones", are a little out there but not bad. Very experimental, especially with the way the vocal moans are incorporated, and the track having mixed success sounding a little like a Halloween type melody set to a 1970's style tempo. This collection of music also presents one of the earlier efforts by Kentaro Haneda, who would go on to score Virus (1980) and Bye-Bye Jupiter (1984) in the years to come. Sadly, this effort by Haneda is not one of his finest hours. "The Devil's Temari Ball Song" has some interesting moments, but in general out stays its welcome for the duration of the track. "The Inugami Family" is a more soothing track, an oddity on this more fast paced release, and is a decent piano piece although really not all that memorable in the end.

Now, in terms of the additional music added, they come from a variety of sources. Tracks 11 and 12 are cited as being from The Inugamis (1976) and track 13 is from Queen Bee (1978). The tracks take familiar music from the films with vocal lyrics added to them. Some of these, like Mikio Tsukada's vocal track for the "Queen Bee of Love", are very nice. Others like Yukari Kaneko's "Ballade of Love" are a definitive miss, with Kaneko having a very monotone and mournful delivery. This is a shame as the background music arranged by Masaaki Jinbo is really fantastic, and thankfully can be found on the earlier Fiendish Investigation: The World of Mystery Movies (COCA-13095) release.

Following this is another track by Tsukada before it gets into cues related to the Seishi Yokomizo Series, a TV show that aired from 1977 to 1978. The TV show was a rare collaboration between Toho, Daiei, and Mifune Productions that was done for TBS to air on television. The first of these tracks is the main song for the first season of this show, by Chaki Miyako, and the songs for the second season by the same artist. Miyako, thankfully, is a very competent singer. Not the type that makes one yearn for more of her work, but she knows how to carry a tune and does well with the vocal tracks here. Finally, the CD ends with two tracks by Ikko Furuya, which are dubbed as being from the Kosuke Kindaichi Series that began airing in 1983. The tracks, which are very much a product of the decade utilizing things like echo effects and other things, are fairly well done as Furuya is an excellent singer.

Overall, the release has its ups and downs. If one is a fan of music from this decade, especially the more experimental approaches utilized, this CD might be very appealing. Those, however, who are a fan of the theatrical scores for the Kindaichi movies like Hell's Gate Island (1977) should know that outside of tracks 11 and 13 the content found on here sounds nothing like the more soothing and majestic stuff found on those soundtracks.
Rating: Star Rating
  1. Kosuke Kindaichi's Theme
    By: Hiroshi Takata
  2. Village of 8 Gravestones
    By: Yutaka Narita
  3. Masquerade Ball
    By: Hiroshi Takata
  4. Murder Case in the Mansion
    By: Hiroshi Takata
  5. Prison Gate Island
    By: Yutaka Narita
  6. The Devil's Temari Ball Song
    By: Kentaro Haneda
  7. Tragedy at Maze Manor
    By: Kentaro Haneda
  8. The Devil Comes to Blow His Flute
    By: Kentaro Haneda
  9. The Tower of Three Heads
    By: Kentaro Haneda
  10. The Inugami Clan
    By: Kentaro Haneda

    The Inugamis (1976)
    By: Yukari Kaneko, Composer: Yuji Ono
  11. Ballade of Love
  12. Mask

    Queen Bee (1978)
    By: Mikio Tsukada, Composer: Shinichi Tanabe
  13. Queen Bee of Love
  14. Nocturnal Girl
    By: Mikio Tsukada, Composer: Miki Takashi

    Seishi Yokomizo Series (1977)
    By: Chaki Miyako
  15. Theme: Person of Vision

    Seishi Yokomizo Series 2
    By: Chaki Miyako
  16. Theme Song: Like a Thistle Thorn
  17. Theme Song: Well Beyond Words

    Kosuke Kindaichi Series (1983)
  18. String Phone Song
    By: Ikko Furuya, Composer: Ise Shozo
  19. Town Without Rain
    By: Ikko Furuya, Composer: Ise Shozo