King Kong vs. Godzilla
International Title
 King Kong vs. Godzilla

Music By: Akira Ifukube
Record Label: La-La Land Records

Running Time: 69:58 Discs: 1
Release: January 2006 CD Number: LLLCD-1041
Intended to capitalize on the recent release of Peter Jackson's King Kong, this soundtrack is actually an odd choice for a US release considering that Akira Ifukube's score was almost completely removed from the English version of the film. Consequently, it seems likely that most people in North America aren't well versed in Ifukube's score for the movie, outside of the "native" themes. Still, fans of the great composer's work should still enjoy this CD, regardless if they can vividly picture which sequences they are intended for or not. Collectors might want to take note, though, that La-La Land Records' release isn't quite the definitive version of this score; that title would go to Toho's two disc release (G-003) found in the Perfect Collection Box set that contains both the Mono and Stereo soundtracks for the film. Of course that release is not found outside of the $100 set either. So more casual soundtrack collectors, especially those looking to be easy on their wallets, should probably search out La-La Land Records' version, which contains the full soundtrack in stereo plus two extra tracks. On the plus side, this release seems to have gotten rid of the more cumbersome track transitions found on the two disc set; however, in doing so they have clumped together some very odd theme choices, such as "The Seahawk in Crisis / Great News Gathering Team Departure". Still, it's a minor complaint, especially considering that the themes are played in chronological order. It should be mentioned that this disc is missing a few themes, such as "Operation "Burial" Begins", but most of these are spliced from earlier cues and the listener really isn't missing much unless they absolutely have to hear the score in the same way it's presented in the film. The only real loss in this respect is the absence of the "Faro Island Expedition", which, for whatever reason, wasn't included.
- Anthony Romero 
  1. Main Title
  2. Series of World Wonders
  3. The Sparkling Iceberg / Pashin Commercial
  4. Fujita & Fumiko
    Composer: Sei Ikeno
  5. The Seahawk in Crisis / Great News Gathering Team Departure
    Composer: Akira Ifukube - Sei Ikeno
  6. The Seahawk's S.O.S.
  7. Faro Island
  8. The Natives
  9. Southern Island Tale
    Composer: Hachiro Matsui
  10. Thunder and the Devil / Fumiko's Misgivings
  11. Godzilla's Resurrection
  12. The Cry of the Devil / A Prayer to the Rolling Thunder
  13. The Devil of the South Seas / Drums of Battle / Giant Octopus vs. King Kong
  14. The Sleeping Devil
  15. The Terror of Godzilla
  16. The Invincible King Kong / Preparation for Operation "Burial"
  17. King Kong vs. Godzilla I
  18. Preparations for Operation "One Million Volts"
  19. Operation "Burial"
  20. Operation "Burial" Fails
  21. Operation "One Million Volts" I
  22. Operation "One Million Volts" II
  23. Kong Shows Up in Tokyo
  24. The Plan to Rescue Fumiko I
  25. The Plan to Rescue Fumiko II
  26. The Plan to Transport King Kong
  27. King Kong Advances on Fuji
  28. The Confrontation at Fuji
  29. King Kong's Resurrection
  30. King Kong vs. Godzilla II
  31. Ending
  32. Main Title (Mono)
  33. Main Title (A Cappella)
    By: Bukimisha
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