Phantom Star God Justirisers: Music Collection · Wisdom Volume
International Title
 The Justirisers
Music By: Yasuharu Takanashi
Record Label: Crown
Running Time: 73:30 Discs: 1
Release: June 2005 CD Number: CRCA-20017
Anthony Romero
This is the second of three soundtracks released for the 2004-2005 show The Justirisers. Unlike its predecessor, the "Courage Volume" (CRCA-20015), this disc is packed with content as it runs for over 73 minutes. For whatever reason, the first time I heard this particular CD I didn't give the music a fair shake. To that point, while I still think the best themes from the show are found on the first disc, there are quite a few enjoyable cues off this disc.

First off, this release has a more contemporary "rock" type of vibe to it compared to the other, as there is a lot of guitar work on this CD. This ends up benefiting cues like "Counterattack", which is a nice fast paced theme, "Cyber Beast" and "On to the Next Fight". Still, there is a good bit of diversity to the music as well, and it's not dominated by themes of this nature. There are a couple of themes that are on the pleasant and more subdued side, such as "Desire to Trust Jinno" (although nearly comically so, with an almost angelic-like quality). My favorite thing about this release, though, are the more unsettling track, which do a good job of building a very sinister tone to the show's antagonists. Of the cues like this, "The Destruction of the Steel Plate", "Enemy? Ally!?" and "Demon Knight" are all great themes, with the last one also having a more energetic tempo at the same time.

As for the songs, they are okay. The CD includes another version of the "Phantom Star God Justirisers" song by Nakajima Mitsuo. Unfortunately, this cut isn't nearly as satisfying as the one found on the first disc. It still has the same great background music, but seems to lack the level of energy in the lyric delivery that the former had. The other song on this disc is "Feelings That Can't Be Put Into Words" by Water. This song is nice, not particularly memorable though, and makes for an enjoyable listen on occasion.

Bottom line, there are a good number of enjoyable themes off this disc. The "Courage Volume" might feature some of the best cues from the show, but this volume doesn't slack around either and benefits also from not having any particularly unpleasant tunes. Its generous runtime also makes it a much better deal for the buck. At a first listen, I was ready to give the first release the nod in terms of "the one" to pick up, but in the end I have to choose this one due to the fact that, as a whole package, it's a much better deal and a more solid offering theme to theme.
Rating: Star Rating
  1. Power of Wisdom, Exploding (M79)
  2. Phantom Star God Justirisers (TV Size 2)
    By: Nakajima Mitsuo, Composer: Kojima Kenji
  3. The Destruction of the Steel Plate (M26)
  4. Equipping (M16)
  5. Space Behemoth (M13)
  6. Phantom Star Beast, Summoned (M15)
  7. Ken Riser (M59)
  8. Cyber Beast (M62)
  9. Ju Riser (M60)
  10. Situation Reversal (M64)
  11. Victory (M65)
  12. Promise (M51)
  13. Ending the Fight (M52)
  14. Cyber Knight (M23)
  15. Doctor Zora (M66)
  16. Beast Zora (M63)
  17. Nin Riser (M61)
  18. If There are Three People, They Can Win (M57)
  19. General Bacchus (M25)
  20. Shouta Broken (M69)
  21. Intensive Training (M53)
  22. Friendship (M58)
  23. Shinya's Wound (M5)
  24. Parents' Love (M50)
  25. Obedience Practice (M70)
  26. To Fight on Behalf of a Protector (M72)
  27. Desperate Situation (M20)
  28. Phoenix (M86)
  29. Riser Gant, Reborn (M9R)
  30. Desire to Trust Jinno (M39)
  31. Mystery Exists (M74)
  32. Enemy? Ally!? (M67)
  33. Demon Knight (M80)
  34. Three People and an Overwhelming Power (M49)
  35. Determination (M71)
  36. Persistence (M85)
  37. Counterattack (M81)
  38. The Great Final Blow (M82)
  39. On to the Next Fight (M40)
  40. Feelings That Can't Be Put Into Words (TV Size)
    By: Water