Phantom Star God Justirisers: Music Collection · Virtue Volume
International Title
 The Justirisers
Music By: Yasuharu Takanashi
Record Label: Crown
Running Time: 71:12 Discs: 1
Release: August 2005 CD Number: CRCA-20018
Anthony Romero
This is the final soundtrack released for the 2004-2005 show The Justirisers. Unlike the previous two CDs, the "Courage Volume" (CRCA-20015) and the "Wisdom Volume" (CRCA-20017), this release was actually printed as part of a limited run. Furthermore, it also comes with a box intended to fit all three jewel cases inside, dubbed the "Shirogane Box".

Sadly, compared to the earlier volumes, this one is fairly tepid. There are a few nice tracks here, some of the best of the series in fact such as "Great War in Space", "Riser Shirogane" and "Demon God Daruga". However, by in large it feels like its stuck with the leftovers from the previous two discs, particularly with the inclusion of the short "Bridge Collections". There are also a number of awkward sounding cues here, such as "The Date Appliance Store" (for reference, Date is in relation to the family name in the show) which sounds almost like video poker music. This is followed directly up with another lackluster cue in the form of "Feigning Ignorance", and a pattern starts to emerge. Composer Yasuharu Takanashi is fairly good at creating sinister and march-like cues, but when it comes to producing music for the more light hearted and comedic moments of the program he falters and goes way over the top. Unfortunately, this is the disc where most of those themes ended up finding their home.

Bottom line, if one isn't a diehard fan of the series then this one is better left alone in favor of the other two standard releases. However, all three volumes feature completely new music, with the only duplication being with edited cues that remain faithful to how they played during the program. So if one is a big supporter of The Justirisers, this is probably worth picking up due to the fact that, as previously started, there are a few themes here that some won't want to miss. In fact, the score on this CD as a whole has an unorthodox type of feel to it, and tracks like "Pursuit" and others seem vaguely reminiscent of the style of music showcased in Godzilla: Final Wars (2004), which might appeal to fans of that soundtrack.
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  1. Great War in Space (M11)
  2. Justirisers · Action (M4)
  3. Sponsor Base A (M16 + M3 Edit)
  4. The Date Appliance Store (M48)
  5. Feigning Ignorance (M56)
  6. Spontaneity...!? (M92)
  7. Bridge Collection: Comical-Serious (M100 + M101 + M102)
  8. Rendezvous (M33)
  9. Fate (M94)
  10. Bridge Collection: Shock (M44 + M43A + M43B + M42 + M47 + M54)
  11. Search (M73)
  12. Flash (M88)
  13. Tailing (M96)
  14. Bridge Collection: Mystery (M99 + M98 + M55)
  15. Eye Catch Collection (M45 Edit + M45 + M46)
  16. Earth Annihilation Plan (M29)
  17. Sealed Power (M28)
  18. Mio Impriosioned (M24)
  19. Advancing Fear (M97)
  20. Ambition (M95)
  21. Riser Shirogane (M76)
  22. Justi Kaiser (M78)
  23. The Greatest Crisis (M84)
  24. The Giant Intense Fight (M83)
  25. There Are Still Hardships to Come (M93)
  26. Peace (M68)
  27. Incident Outbreak (M31)
  28. Yuka's Tear (M89)
  29. Demon God Daruga (M77)
  30. Sadness (M90)
  31. Plea for Help (M91)
  32. The Riser Star and the Earth (M38)
  33. Collision (M87)
  34. Pursuit (M75)
  35. The Demon Knight is Two People! (M30)
  36. The Three Powers (Instrumental)
    By: Takehito Shimizu, Composer: Kojima Kenji
  37. Friend (M5)
  38. The Uniform that Flutters in the Wind (M35)
  39. Phantom Star God Justirisers (Karaoke with Chorus)
    By: Nakajima Mitsuo, Composer: Kojima Kenji
  40. Preliminary Announcement (M4 Edit)
  41. Sponsor Base B (M16 Edit)