Phantom Star God Justirisers: Music Collection · Courge Volume
International Title
 The Justirisers
Music By: Yasuharu Takanashi
Record Label: Crown
Running Time: 47:32 Discs: 1
Release: April 2005 CD Number: CRCA-20015
Anthony Romero
This is the first of three soundtracks released for the 2004-2005 show The Justirisers. At 47 minutes, this disc, dubbed the "Courage Volume", is easily the shortest of the three CDs. Not surprisingly, given it's the first in the series, this disc also features some of the best music from the series. In fact, the disc has a number of nice themes, created by Yasuharu Takanashi. The "Main Theme", which has a more contemporary style while still giving off a more feudal sense with its chanting, is well paced and makes for a good listen. "Storage Satellite" is also a great theme off this disc, making for a nice march from Takanashi. "Dormant Kaiser" is especially enjoyable, using an organ-like style that feels cliche given the villainous intent of the theme but is none the same a very nice cue. "To Tomorrow" makes for a good conclusion type of track for the show, giving a sense of closure yet maintaining the episodic nature that is required from an ongoing series. Two of the songs on the disc are also quite enjoyable. The first of these is the always popular "Phantom Star God Justirisers" by Nakajima Mitsuo, which has a contemporary flow to it but remains memorable thanks to Mitsuo really giving it his all in belting out the lyrics. The other nice song off this disc is Sky by SweetS. The track has a very carefree tone, starting with a chant before getting into a slow paced song with a rather upbeat background theme, which makes for a fairly pleasant listen.

Sadly, there are some lemons on this CD. Leading the way is the song "Archipelago Party Night" by HAV. I know this song, which was used at the end of the show, has some fans, but I simply can't stand the beat and don't find any of the singers to have a particularly pleasant singing voice. A few other tracks suffer as well, particularly the guitar heavy ones. "Attack" seems to be the worst of these, and it's a shame as it starts off strong but reaches an almost screeching-like tempo near the end.

Bottom line, this disc isn't fantastic, but it's still thoroughly enjoyable. However, if there is one CD to get of the music from the show, I would suggest the "Wisdom Volume" (CRCA-20017) take first priority over this.
Rating: Star Rating
  1. Main Theme (M6)
  2. Main Title (M1)
  3. Last Story Reprise (M2)
  4. Phantom Star God Justirisers (TV Size)
    By: Nakajima Mitsuo, Composer: Kojima Kenji
  5. Sponsor Base (M3)
  6. Subtitle (M47)
  7. Youth (M34)
  8. Dormant Kaiser (M24)
  9. Crystal (M27)
  10. Zakoal (M22)
  11. Attack (M21)
  12. Riser Glen (M7)
  13. Deadly Sword (M18)
  14. Giant Beast (M14)
  15. Storage Satellite (M12)
  16. Riseross (M10)
  17. Ancient Power (M38)
  18. Sky
    By: SweetS
  19. Confusion (M39)
  20. First Love (M36)
  21. Riser Kageri (M8)
  22. Battle (M17)
  23. Evil Knight (M32)
  24. Riser Gant (M9)
  25. Shoot, Attack, Cut! (M19)
  26. To Tomorrow (M41)
  27. Archipelago Party Night (TV Size)
    By: HAV