International Title

Music By: Takeo Miratsu
Record Label: Eye: Network

Running Time: 56:22 Discs: 1
Release: January 2000 CD Number: EWCD-85002
This soundtrack for the 2000 horror movie Isola is, sadly, a fairly forgettable release. To composer Takeo Miratsu's credit, the first theme, "Meditation Part I", is a very soothing and well done track, utilizing a lot of choral work while violins play through out the cue. Unfortunately, the rest of his score just isn't very engaging at all and it's easy to lose interest when its removed from the context of the film. In terms of the "bonus" tracks, this disc has a cue from David Matthews (not the one from Dave Matthews Band, but the US based Jazz singer who started his career in the 1970's) called the "Love Theme" for track 13. All in all, the track isn't bad, but nothing to really praise either. The last track on the disc is a vocal one sung by Kyosuke Himuro. Now I'm not really familiar with Himuro's work, but wasn't all that impressed with his performance here. His lyrics on this track seems to have a slight electronic echo added to them, which isn't a bad effect although seems a little out of place on this song which is done more traditionally than a lot of other pop singles that employ this technique. It should be noted that this is the "movie version" of the song, so it fades out fairly abruptly on this release.
- Anthony Romero 
  1. Meditation Part I
  2. Yukari's Theme
  3. Anxiety
  4. Stalk
  5. Light From Above
  6. Fear
  7. Wandering
  8. Uneasiness
  9. Confusion
  10. Dark and Silence
  11. Prayer
  12. Meditation Part II
  13. Love Theme
    By: David Matthews
  14. Theme Song - Eternity
    By: Kyosuke Himuro