InuYasha the Movie: The Crimson Horai Island
International Title
 InuYasha the Movie: Fire on the Mystic Island
Music By: Kaoru Wada
Record Label: Avex Trax
Running Time: 55:47 Discs: 1
Release: December 2004 CD Number: AVCA-22160
Anthony Romero
If you've heard one InuYasha soundtrack, you've heard them all. While the final theatrical score in the series does contain a few new original motifs, it still uses past work as a crutch far too often. The fact that Kaoru Wada's style is often more miss than hit as well gives very little to recommend about this CD.

The disc starts off with “The Door of Time” to set the mode with overdone chorus work, which while it felt like something that Wada might improve on when it first happened for InuYasha the Movie: Affections Touching Across Time (AVCA-14258)... it's quite clear nothing has changed. After new themes, Wada quickly dives into reusing the familiar, although this time in the form of his best theme for a four minute performance of the “Main Title”. Just in case one missed out on hearing it over and over again, the trouble motif wastes no time in showing up as well for “Gora and Ryura”. To his credit, he actually refrains from using the motif as much as in scores past, although it does still show up as “The Stolen Jewel Box” and later for “Gora’s Defeat”. A version that actually sounds notably different is also used for “Revived Shitoshin”, which just points out it’s a shame Wada didn’t go to the trouble to make it always sound a little different.

The disc also contains a vocal song in the form of “Song of Parting”, which isn't particularly good but does stand out amongst the series for being a change of pace. Actually, the disc has a few themes that break away from the repeated styling of the past three films. For example, “Sango and Miroku's Strategy” is a lively track featuring drum and trumpet work that, while not stellar, is different from other themes Wada has composed for the franchise.

Bottom line, in trying to think about the best of the four scores, I draw a blank. They reuse so much of the same motifs and in the same style that they really blend together, making it hard from memory to recall which is which. Ultimately, if the music as a whole was grand, the repetition across not only the series but individual scores might be more tolerable… in its current state, however, there are four scores with very little to recommend outside of the main title motif.
Rating: Star Rating
  1. The Door of Time
  2. The Shitoshin
  3. Main Title
  4. The Children of Horai Island
  5. Gora and Ryura
  6. Back Wound
  7. Horai Island, the Ominous Isle
  8. Kyora's Attack
  9. Fire-Spitting Seitenho
  10. Sesshoumaru vs. Kyora I
  11. Destiny
  12. Song of Parting
  13. Mystery of the Seal
  14. Asagi's Decision
  15. Cauldron of Resonance
  16. For Everyone's Sake
  17. Firefly Light
  18. History of the Song
  19. Poisonous Insects Loom
  20. Guarding Lady Kanade
  21. Returning from the Cauldron
  22. The Stolen Jewel Box
  23. Sulking Kagome
  24. Revived Shitoshin
  25. Sango vs. Jura
  26. Desperate Wind Hole
  27. Sword's Hesitation
  28. Sesshoumaru vs. Kyora II
  29. Ryura's Murderous Intent
  30. Sango and Miroku's Strategy
  31. The Children Make a Stand
  32. Undaunted Fighting Spirit
  33. Gora's Defeat
  34. Grotesque Ryura
  35. The Children's Strength
  36. Final Battle
  37. Escape from Horai Island
  38. The Journey Continues