InuYasha the Movie: Swords of World Conquest
International Title
 InuYasha the Movie: Swords of an Honorable Ruler
Music By: Kaoru Wada
Record Label: Avex Trax
Running Time: 57:40 Discs: 1
Release: December 2003 CD Number: AVCA-14841
Anthony Romero
If you've read any of my other reviews for Karou Wada’s soundtracks, I’m probably sounding like broken record in stating that the composer’s style is not for everyone. Complaints aside, the composer is certainly consistent in approach, although that hasn’t won any points with me so far. The soundtrack for the third InuYasha film sounds all too similar to his previous two efforts, in fact it’s becoming hard to separate them.

By the third soundtrack in the movie series, one of Wada's faults is setting in: he reuses motifs too much. Granted, most series scores want some reoccurring themes to make things feel similar. To his credit, Wada’s main title theme for the series is also grand (appearing here in “Main Title”, “Memory of Mother”, “To Each His Own” and more). However, the composer also has other default themes that he relies on. For example, he has an ongoing “really bad stuff is happening” theme that has been used in all the films. In this case, the motif appears in the “Last Moments”, “Calamity of Sounga”, “InuYasha vs. Sesshomaru I” ... well a lot of themes. To make a reoccurring theme work, it should be tied to a character, object, location… something. The way Wada ties themes to situations, however, makes the soundtracks meld together and become hard to keep separate from one another.

Repeating motifs aside, the score continues Wada's trend of having really great segments in a track, like say 10 seconds of brilliance, mixed with a minute or so of less appealing tunes. That hasn't changed, and there are a lot of tracks here like “Violation” and “The Army's Coming Attack” that just miss the mark with clanging-like experimentation. To be fair, there are a couple of themes which work, although most of them are just modified versions of the main title. “To Izayoi's Side” is a nice exception to this, featuring violin work that makes the theme both tragic and also slightly menacing before taking a turn to be soothing.

Overall, if you were a fan of Wada's previous work, you should enjoy this score. If his style doesn’t gel with you, however, this will do little to change your mind as it sounds all too similar to his past InuYasha soundtracks.
Rating: Star Rating
  1. Sesshomaru and His Father
  2. To Izayoi's Side
  3. Last Moments
  4. Main Title
  5. Sit!
  6. Memory of Mother
  7. Sounga the Demon Sword
  8. Calamity of Sounga
  9. Violation
  10. Conflict
  11. To Each His Own
  12. The Resurrected Black Demon
  13. InuYasha vs. Sesshomaru I
  14. Struggle
  15. Kagome's Scream
  16. Sword of the Father
  17. Vengeance Reborn
  18. The Broken Rosary
  19. Secret of Sounga
  20. Massacre
  21. InuYasha vs. Sesshomaru II
  22. Longing for Father
  23. Soldiers of the Dead
  24. The Army's Coming Attack
  25. The Capture of Kagome and Rin
  26. Close Call
  27. Irreplaceable Friends
  28. Life Binding Wind Tunnel
  29. Bonds
  30. Someone to Protect
  31. The Love of Izayoi
  32. The Path to the Underworld
  33. Fierce Battle
  34. The Power to Protect
  35. A Father's Wish