InuYasha the Movie: Love That Transcends Time
International Title
 InuYasha the Movie: Affections Touching Across Time
Music By: Kaoru Wada
Record Label: Avex Trax
Running Time: 59:34 Discs: 1
Release: December 2001 CD Number: AVCA-14258
Anthony Romero
I will be honest that I'm not well versed in the InuYasha TV show, with my experience mainly being related to the theatrical productions. Composer Karou Wada has created a slight fanbase for his work on the franchise, as his music is found in both the theatrical and televised program related to the character. That said, this first movie score by Wada is mostly a misfire.

The tragic thing about this soundtrack is that there are a lot of signs of promise, as a lot of tracks have really good segments. The problem is that these tracks are weighed down by Wada's more abnormal scoring techniques, in particular the way he blares horns. It sounds amateurish and in the context of themes such as "Resurrection" and "The Seal is Removed" it makes what should be menacing themes sound down right goofy. The worst of these is "The Flying Demon", which is over the top but not in an enjoyable way but rather in an embarrassing fashion. I'm usually a fan of chorus work in soundtracks as well, but Wada hasn't really mastered the technique as themes like "Air Rip Versus Air Rip" and the previously mentioned "The Flying Demon" actually fare worse for their added vocals. The other major downside to this soundtrack is the relative lack of highlights. The tracks fail to be energetic or soothing, and overall create a rather poor stand alone listening experience. That was relative, though, as there are two worthwhile cues on the CD, and that's "Kagome and Kikyo" and "The Time of the Decisive Battle". The former starts a little rough and its overly long, but the theme does convey a sense of majesty. "The Time of the Decisive Battle" fares a little better, as its a little more upbeat than the rest of the score, but ends very abruptly.

Overall, this was a pretty disappointing soundtrack. It has two themes that are decent amongst a sea of forgettable, at best, cues. Either Wada was very rushed in creating this score, or simply needs time to refine his craft. Either way, I would only recommend this to the most diehard fans of the franchise.
Rating: Star Rating
  1. Resurrection
  2. Morning Scene
  3. Main Title
  4. A Set Trap
  5. Kagome's Lunch Box
  6. Ruri and Hari
  7. Kikyo's Premonition
  8. Goshinboku
  9. Menomaru
  10. Kagome's Imprisonment
  11. Sango and Miroku
  12. The Seal is Removed
  13. Ceremony of Succession
  14. Menomaru's Fury
  15. Stolen Soul
  16. Little Brother Guarding the Eight Gates
  17. Persistent Inuyasha
  18. Flute of Manipulation
  19. Kagome and Kikyo
  20. Love That Transcends Time I
  21. Time Running Wild
  22. Mother and Daughter
  23. Air Rip Versus Air Rip
  24. Sango and Kirara
  25. Love That Transcends Time II
  26. Return to the Sengoku Period
  27. The Flying Demon
  28. InuYasha vs. the Flying Demon
  29. The Time of the Decisive Battle